High Definition is the New Standard for AV Integration

Interview with Tim Hennen, SVP of AV Integration, IVCi, LLC

Tim Hennen, Senior Vice President of Audio Visual Integration, IVCi LLC.

By Nina Parker

If you are in the market for new conference room technology, chances are you are considering going high-def. Tim Hennen tells us why IVCi's AV customers are taking the leap to HD.

Q. What are some recent developments in the field of AV integration?
The technology that we use is rapidly changing. Everything is becoming digital, which means the products available on the market today are designed with improved functionality. Also, since communication among devices is increasingly conducted over IP (Internet Protocol), we now have the ability to be more flexible, and build systems on a much larger scale. And of course, HD - we are seeing more and more rooms going high-def.

Q. So, you are finding that more customers are now asking for high definition in their conference rooms?
Yes - high definition has become standard. These days we are rarely asked to build a standard definition room; that is now considered out-dated technology. Everybody wants to be cutting edge, or above cutting edge, so our customers are willing to invest in HD integrated rooms with HD video conferencing solutions - that's where we see the industry moving.

Q. What is the benefit of an HD integrated room?
The new technology is designed with higher resolution, so this only creates better products and an improved user experience. As a result, our customers experience higher impact when they give presentations and share data; there is significantly improved video clarity in meetings and conferences.

Q. Does high definition present challenges to your team?
The systems are more complex. With high definition technology, there are more video signals, and there are higher bandwidth requirements - we have to take numerous digital signals, and break the usual rules that go with digital cables to make them flexible enough for an integrated room. However, IVCi's in-house AV team has been working with high definition for years, especially because our video conferencing customers have been demanding it. Typically when we integrate a room, if video is high-def then all the systems we install will be high-def. HD is not just one component, it changes the way we design everything in the room. End of article.

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IntelliNet Customer Testimonial: Reznick Group

The Challenge

Reznick Group is a leading accounting, tax, and business advisory firm with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland and ten offices located nationwide. Reznick implemented a video conferencing solution at each company location to facilitate departmental and management meetings, coordinate basic training, and conduct human resources interviewing.

Reznick needed a solution that would help centralize the scheduling of each location's video calls, so it choose IVCi's IntelliNet managed conferencing services.

The IntelliNet Solution

IntelliNet simplified Reznick's process of configuring and connecting video conferencing meetings among multiple offices. "The IntelliNet service definitely helped us centralize the management of video conferencing firm-wide," said Leonard Caballero, director of IT planning and development. "IntelliNet manages and stabilizes the video conferencing equipment, because all video calls go through one centralized bridge. Before we implemented IntelliNet, each office had to call the others - it was like a daisy chain effect through our wide area network. Now with IntelliNet, the process is basically as simple as placing an audio conference call."

Mr. Caballero said IntelliNet helped increase the usage of video conferencing throughout the organization. "If people get intimidated by the equipment they will not want to touch it or use it. Once meetings are scheduled with IntelliNet, the user can turn on the equipment, and the meeting can take off without user intervention. In this way, we have increased the use of video as an alternative to travel between company locations." End of article.

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Easy to See

Video is becoming a part of everyday communication. With a video solution for every type of scenario, TANDBERG is making it easy to see: the details, the emotions, the expertise, and the answers, that make you more productive. End of article.

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