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Top Five Features an Audio Visual Integrated Conference Room Must Have

By Nina Parker

When a conference room's audio visual (AV) systems are properly integrated, meeting participants focus on the meeting and not the underlying technology. Without the right integrated equipment, the meeting's quality diminishes and users get frustrated, resulting in less frequent use of the technology and a reduced return on investment (ROI).

IVCi 's senior vice president and resident AV expert Tim Hennen created a list of five features an integrated room must have to deliver a seamless user experience.

1. Appropriate seating design.

There should not be any "cheep" seats in a well-designed conference room. A meeting environment needs to provide an optimal experience to as many participants as possible. Requirements for video conferencing and graphics viewing differ, so seating must be designed to accommodate both scenarios. Video conferencing can be comfortably viewed on a five-foot screen from a distance of two to eight times the screen height (ten to 40 feet away from the screen), and data can be viewed well from a distance of two to six times the screen height (ten to 30 feet away from the screen).

2. Evenly distributed audio system.

"Can you hear me now?" is not a desirable phrase to be uttered during a meeting. To prevent distractions caused by inadequate audio distribution, microphones should be implemented evenly to provide complete coverage for all users. The best location for a microphone is on the conference room table in front of the user. If this is not possible due to portable furniture arrangements, ceiling microphones can be implemented, as long as interference from HVAC systems and other sources is limited.

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Whitepaper: Business Class Video: Defining the Standard of Business Value.

W H I T E   P A P E R

Business Class Video: Defining the Standard of Business Value

This research summarizes the top strategies and actions to gain business value from video solutions in the enterprise. Based on the input of over 150 organizations, this study is inteneded to look at the current state of video in the business environment and line-of-business video usage to discover how video has created business value...

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Global Media Telemedicine i8500 Mobile Cart video still frame.


Global Media Telemedicine i8500 Mobile Cart

The GlobalMedia Mobile Video Cart series provides the most cost-effective and technologically advanced solution for clinical applications. Remote consultations, rural healthcare, emergency response, and continuing medical education applications are all easily integrated...

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NEW! VGo Remote Mobile Wireless Video Conferencing

NEW! VGo Remote Mobile Wireless Video Conferencing.

VGo is an entirely new video conferencing solution that hasn't been available until now!
VGo gives you the ability to not only be in a distant location, but also to move around in that location. In addition to versatile remote monitoring and inspection, VGo increases productivity by enabling face-to-face interaction, not just in the conference room or behind the desk, but now anywhere in your facility...
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NEW from Polycom!
RMX 1500

NEW! Polycom RMX 1500 photo.

The Polycom RMX 1500 conferencing platform is designed with intelligence built in. Exciting features include dynamic resource allocation, network flexibility and reliability, and cost-effective scalability, all tightly integrated with major UC partners. Built on the award-winning RMX platform, the Polycom RMX 1500 extends the power of video, audio, and content collaboration to the network edge.
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NEW! Polycom OTX 300

Polycom OTX 300 photo.

Improve Collaboration over Distances with the Polycom OTX
(Open Telepresence Experience),
— the freshest addition to the most innovative and industry-leading line of immersive telepresence solutions from Polycom, providing the broadest portfolio of immersive telepresence options available today
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