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9/30 - Herndon, VA
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10/14 - Herndon, VA
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10/16 - Silver Springs, MD
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Streaming Basics
Live Streaming, Video On Demand—or Both?
Live streaming video for meetings, CEO briefings, virtual classrooms, seminars, trade shows and product announcements seems to be the latest rage, but is it for you? If you, or your team, require instant access to a meeting or event, Live streaming may be what you are looking for. Video On Demand might be another option if you need a way to record, edit and archive your meetings and events for later access. Below we provide a brief comparison of Live streaming video and archived Video On Demand.

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Q & A: Streaming Demystified
Power Meetings Update met with Vice President and General Manager of IVCi, Chris Böttger, to discuss IVCi streaming solutions:

PMU: Why is streaming complimentary to video conferencing?

CB: Streaming allows you to cost effectively extend the reach to those participants that need limited interaction or can't attend a meeting live.

PMU: So how do you create a stream?

CB: All of your video conferencing systems can be used to record a stream with or without slides. That is a powerful way to leverage your existing investment. It can extend streaming beyond typical training applications and briefings all the way to it being used to record a meeting that someone has missed.

PMU: But isn't one of the biggest problems in how you manage that stream?

CB: Absolutely. Unless you are able to easily manage that piece of capital intellect that you have created its useless. We can set up individual channels per company, just like on your TV. That way Sales and Marketing have...

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  Hot New Products
Introducing Conferserv from IVCi
Introducing Conferserv from IVCi
You can now create, record, manage and stream meetings or interactive presentations with Conferserv from IVCi. Conferserv allows every video conferencing system within an enterprise to function as a powerful multi-media studio for applications like CEO Webcasts, leveraging customers existing network and video conferencing assets and protecting their original investment.

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IMCCA Conferencing Events
The Basics
and Beyond
September 25th, 2003
The Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S. Syracuse
Denver, CO
Highlighting perspectives and topics surrounding voice, video and web conferencing. It will include perspectives from vendors and end users in the corporate, education and government settings.
To register online visit: www.imcca.org or contact Carol Zelkin at 516-818-8184 or czelkin@imcca.org.
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