Superior Service is Top Priority for IVCi's Help Desk

Jim Berry, Technical Support Manager, IVCi LLC.

Interview with Jim Berry, technical support manager

By Nina Parker

Q. What makes the IVCi help desk so unique?
A. We provide our customers a single source of support. There are often many vendors associated with a video conferencing or audio visual project, so instead of the customer having to worry about these multiple parties, they can deal directly with us. We have the resources to manage the complexities involved with each of these different vendors, so that our customers don't have to.Also, our clients have full access to our in-house product and subject matter experts, who can address some of the more complex issues. Our staff has the skill, the experience, and the training to give our customers a sense that the problem is under control, no matter how complex it may be.

Q. How is the help desk able to achieve an average wait time of seven seconds?
A. We conduct real-time, live monitoring of the help desk personnel to make sure we are adequately staffed at all times, including peak periods. We use a mathematical model for staffing which takes into account the busiest times of the day. This helps us be prepared for peaks in call volume. We know how frustrating it is to have to wait to speak to someone for assistance, and we make sure our customers experience a minimal wait time.

Q. Do you have a tracking system for calls that are received?
A. Yes - we create a ticket for every caller, and we track that ticket through completion. Every time we close a problem, we analyze it to find out why it happened. Then we trend all of that over time so we can see if we are getting certain types of problems more frequently - we do this to try to prevent as many problems from happening as possible. We also conduct customer surveys after every call to ensure the customer received superior service.

Q. We have a high rate of satisfaction among our local customers and internationally - is it difficult to manage conferences all over the world?
A. We're staffed 24 hours a day to manage conferences internationally, but one of the biggest challenges is the language barrier. We use an instant message client and translation services for assistance, and we are fortunate to have Spanish speakers on staff.

Q. How do you consistently achieve high customer satisfaction ratings?
A. We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership, and we are fully committed to their success.For example, we are constantly monitoring our team's performance. We not only pay attention to the feedback we receive, but we react to it, and make improvements when needed. The best method of determining if your service is having a positive effect on your customers is to ask them! We conduct weekly surveys to ensure the quality of our support and level of responsiveness is where it needs to be. Also, we have had very aggressive training over the last year - our team has attended over 130 specialty training classes. We have experienced in-house technicians and product experts who are available to provide additional support; we find this gives our customers a sense of comfort, and the belief that we understand their needs and can address their problem quickly and accurately.

Q. What is the key to success for managing thousands of conferences per month?
A. Reliability and a focus on the individual customer. The video conferencing experience must be consistent for someone to believe they can use it the same way they would a telephone. This is where our managed services are crucial for video conferencing success. Video can become much more difficult than using a telephone, especially in a complex corporate environment. Well managed video conferences are the most successful.With IntelliNet MCS, we take all the complexities of using the technology out of the mix, so that the experience is more like walking into a room, with the call up and running each time, working well, and reliable. Reliability is the number one thing customers want. They just want their system to work, they want to worry about their business — not video. End of article.

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Telepresence Solution

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