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IVCi and TANDBERG make it easy for you to get H.264 functionality —today!
Trade-up to a TANDBERG 6000 for H.264 functionality, high bandwidth, embedded security, built-in Multi-site capabilities, advanced presentation features and MORE!.
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The New Standard
Twice the video quality with no increase in bandwidth? You're kidding, right?

It's true! With H.264. This new video compression standard is one of the most exciting developments in the history of video performance. A joint development effort by TANDBERG, Microsoft, Nokia and Real Networks, H.264 is a more efficient encoding and decoding standard, which enables users to communicate over both ISDN and IP networks with twice the video quality and clarity - without any increase in network costs! That's right! If you want 768Kbps quality, you only need 384Kbps of bandwidth. This new resolution-independent standard also enables better results from video capture and display devices, improving applications such as remote viewing of documents, manufacturing samples or blueprints.

H.264 provides a far more efficient mechanism for compressing and decompressing motion video. This mechanism or algorithm requires significantly less bandwidth to transmit a motion image than has previously been possible. For videoconferencing, H.264 requires only 50% of the previously required bandwidth to provide the same quality of image. This also means that if current bandwidth is maintained, substantially higher video quality will be achieved. All TANDBERG endpoints shipping today support H.264. With H.264, TANDBERG delivers a Real Communication Experience.
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Q & A: Wireless Video Conferencing

Power Meetings Update met with Video Division Vice President of Teleco, Inc., Jacqueline A. Rogers, to discuss Teleco's new product the VRS:

PMU: Tell us about the Video Response System (VRS).

JR: The VRS is a portable camera with two-way audio capabilities that serves as a unique and highly flexible video conferencing peripheral. This lightweight, fully portable technology instantly brings together two or more people from different locations to view and discuss anything from a broken piece of manufacturing equipment to a surgery in progress. Almost any situation that requires the input or observation of multiple individuals can be considered an application for the VRS. In short, it goes where you need to go!

PMU: What applications are there for these products in general? When would someone use one of these?

JR: Introducing the VRS product into your video conferencing environment is very beneficial when you need to add in someone into the conversation who is outside of conference room walls. You may be a product technician corresponding with a customer's quality control manager, for example, who can be on-site at a plant trying to troubleshooting machinery. Solving real-world business problems on-location is what the VRS is all about. This saves time since it brings the knowledge of a technician on-site, without him/her literally being on-site. Continued >>

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  Hot New Product
Polycom VSX 7000
VSX 7000

Combines top-quality audio and video in a single set-top system that’s easy to use, easy to manage, and within your reach.
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Hot New Product
Introducing the Video Response System
VRS Wireless,
Mobile Video Conferencing

Transmit real-time images from anywhere in the world.

Hot New Product
WolfVision VZ-9
Wolfvision VZ-9
Transmits objects on the working surface and behind the unit, quickly and easily.

Featured Product
TANDBERG 6000 The H.264 compliant TANDBERG 6000's high-end performance features, large monitors and precision audio create a collaborative meeting environment. Continued >> Request Information
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