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Designing AV-integrated Conference Rooms for Businesses Going Green

By Nina Parker

Audio visual integration for green companies photo.

In the 1980s, greed was good. Today, green is good. Companies that implement green policies not only help the environment but they also reduce expenses by limiting energy consumption. Now there are added incentives for businesses to go green: As awareness about environmental issues is raised among consumers, a growing number prefer to purchase products and services from companies that are green, and employees would rather work for organizations that they perceive to be environmentally ethical.

As a result, the market for green technologies is growing. Video conferencing is one such technology. The latest high definition (HD) video conferencing equipment delivers images that are so clear and crisp that they can substitute for face-to-face communication, reducing the need for business-related travel. Less travel means fewer car and plane trips and a reduction in a business' carbon footprint. As demand for video conferencing has increased, so has network reliability, greatly improving the user's experience. Costs for the technology, on the other hand, have gone down.

Designing Rooms for video conferencing

Video conferencing works best when it is part of a specially designed audio visual (AV) integrated room. When new conference rooms are built or existing rooms are renovated, it is now the norm for customers to request these rooms be fully equipped with HD technology. HD systems, including HD video conferencing, are more complex than standard definition solutions. For example, HD video requires more complex signals and a larger amount of network bandwidth than standard definition, and this requires new practices and devices for working with digital cables to make them flexible enough for an integrated room. As a result, HD is not just one component of the room; it changes the way everything must be designed.

A high-end version of HD video conferencing called telepresence is designed to create a life-like virtual meeting experience-in part by using replica conference rooms across various locations with large monitors and matching tables so that it appears the remote participants are in the same room. Some telepresence manufacturers offer room-within-a-room solutions while other manufacturers require rooms to be set up with preconfigured equipment and furniture.

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Polycom white paper: The Future of Visual Communications. Click for the white paper.

W H I T E   P A P E R

The Future
of Visual Communications

This paper explores the future of collaboration in the area of applications for the education market. It introduces new technologies that led to the emergence of telepresence and discusses how these technologies improve the user experience. It also discusses the impact of these new applications on the IP network and the mechanisms IT must implement in order to support them.

Click here for the white paper >>

Polycom VC2 virtual golf video screen shot.


Watch Polycom VC2 golfing
with friends!

The mission of the Polycom VC2 vision is to transform traditional video conferencing into tomorrow's visual communication, and deliver video anywhere, at anytime, over any device. With Polycom VC2, video becomes a pervasive component of enterprise communication: on desktops, in meeting rooms, on mobile devices and even virtual golf courses.

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NEW! TANDBERG Telepresence T3 System

TANDBERG Telepresence T3 System photo.

The ultimate telepresence system from TANDBERG!

TANDBERG Telepresence T3 is the ultimate Telepresence experience. Exclusive, immersive and simple, the T3 provides the rich experience of gathering in a well-appointed room for a life-like, face-to-face meeting without leaving the office.
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NEW! Polycom
HDX 8006

Polycom HDX 8006 photo.

Enhanced HD Room Telepresence!

The Polycom HDX 8006 brings an enhanced HD experience for users that require the sharpest resolution possible, including applications such as remote surgical procedures, sharing detailed blueprints or animation—and more!
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NEW! IVCi Web Conferencing

NEW! IVCi Web Conferencing Services photo.

IVCi offers two new Web Conferencing Services to enhance your electronic meeting. GLANCE enables users to share their PC screens with one or more people either on or off a conference call, while PRESENTER enables full internet data collaboration.
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NEW! TANDBERG Telepresence T1 System

TANDBERG Telepresence T1 System photo.

New telepresence system from TANDBERG!

TANDBERG Telepresence T1 is the instant telepresence experience designed for the executive office or high-end collaboration room. Every detail is optimized to give users the highest quality forum for collaboration available. Unparalleled in quality, setting a new industry standard.
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