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Video Conferencing Case Study:

IVCi Creates Sense of Community for Corporate Accounting Firm

IVCi's video conferencing solution combined with IntelliNet MCS® makes Rothstein Kass' motto 'one firm, one floor' a reality.

By Nina Parker

The video conferencing solution

Rothstein Kass is a corporate accounting and consulting firm with offices nationwide. Although there are many remote locations, the executive team had made it a priority to preserve a sense of community within the firm. Collaboration between offices was traditionally achieved by audio conference calls, but this method lacked the personal connection created by face to face meetings.

James Russell, a Rothstein Kass Principal, contacted industry expert IVCi for guidance in choosing a video conferencing solution that would improve communication within the organization. Mr. Russell said he chose IVCi because of its nationwide presence, its experience in the video conferencing industry, and its outstanding customer service.

IVCi integrated TANDBERG 3000 MXP video conferencing solutions into specially designed conference rooms so as to deliver an optimal meeting experience. In addition, the firm chose IVCi IntelliNet Managed Conferencing Services (MCS)® to ensure the success of each video call.

The IVCi experience

Rothstein Kass is now using video conferencing when executives and departments need to collaborate across company locations. IntelliNet MCS ensures each meeting runs smoothly by scheduling and monitoring each call, and by performing any necessary trouble shooting. This allows meeting participants to focus on the meeting and not the technology.

"The easier the technology is to use, the more people will continue to choose video conferencing," Mr. Russell said. "This is why we chose IntelliNet MCS with web scheduling. I like that IntelliNet has a simple interface that people who are not IT professionals can use. IntelliNet is keeping an eye on the equipment, and maintaining a list of who to call. This makes it possible to just walk into the meeting and have it begin."

The addition of video has improved participation at the meetings and has helped achieved a greater camaraderie among team members. "The audio only calls we were having before were not personal," said Mr. Russell. "Now each location knows each other and we no longer think in terms of remote offices. The video conferencing solution IVCi provided has helped make our company's motto 'one firm, one floor' a reality."

When Users Want Collaboration —TANDBERG Delivers

Video conferencing is rapidly becoming one of the most demanded applications throughout global organizations. It is the way to empower and harness teams working together from many different locations, giving them such benefits as an increase in productivity and a reduction in a product's time to market. Ease-of-use, crystal clear images, and reliability are essential components of a successful video conferencing experience. Therefore, the right video conferencing infrastructure is critical to the success of an organization's visual communications investment.

A main feature of this infrastructure is the conferencing bridge, more commonly known as the MCU. One MCU that delivers high quality, excellent reliability, and ease-of-use is the award winning high definition TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 Series. This conferencing bridge has the power to deliver a true high-definition, rich multimedia experience. The TANDBERG Codian MCU 4500 supports the highest video resolution, speed, frame rate and codec of the latest HD endpoints, including full continuous presence for all conferences. Additionally, this conferencing bridge allows a mix of HD, ED, and SD endpoints to coexist in the same conference without compromise to HD performance through ClearVision™. This truly innovative feature is unique to TANDBERG's Codian MCU 4500 Series, and enhances SD calls by up to 4x resolution for HD participants.

TANDBERG's Codian MCU 4500 delivers a unique video stream for each participant, resulting in the best possible audio and video quality for the available bandwidth and endpoint capabilities. It delivers crystal clear, full-motion, high-definition video on every port, 720p H.264 at 30 frames per second, and is limited only by the capabilities of the endpoint. Its Universal Port™ technology supports any codec, at any speed and resolution. It also supports any layout on any port without loss of capacity or capability - greatly simplifying the planning, provisioning, and scheduling of meetings.

TANDBERG's award winning high definition Codian MCU 4500 Series is a true HD bridge. TANDBERG recognizes that some customers need to maintain and extend their existing video conferencing investments, that's why TANDBERG offers a range of infrastructure products designed to meet all aspects of robust large-scale deployments. These products, combined with TANDBERG's best of breed endpoints, offer unparalleled end-to-end video conferencing solutions.

To learn more about TANDBERG's end-to-end visual communications solutions and how they can be effectively used to empower your organization, call 1-800-224-7083 to have an IVCi representative contact you, or email us at

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