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  • Invitations to Video Conferencing Events
  • Polycom and TANDBERG Specials
  • Business Meetings Study
  • IVCi Launches Managed Conferencing Services
  • Streaming Video
  • Conferencing Etiquette
  • IVCi Launches New Site
  • A Free Demo
  • Centra Web Conferencing Solutions
  • TANDBERG 8000
  • Polycom Executive Collection
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Polycom ViaVideo II Special Offer
> Now those important images seen on your Polycom Via Video II during your meetings can be saved and shared on your new 64MB USB Memory Stick. Polycom ViaVideo II is the world's most advanced, fully integrated personal video communications system. Connecting easily to your desktop or laptop PC through a USB connection, ViaVideo II delivers unmatched business quality video, audio and collaboration capabilities. For a limited time Polycom is offering a Free 64MB USB Memory Stick, direct to the first 200 end-user customers that purchase a ViaVideo II. Call for additional information: 800-224-7083.

Get H.264 today!
Trade-up to a TANDBERG 6000 for H.264 functionality, high bandwidth, embedded security, built-in Multi-site capabilities, advanced presentation features and MORE!.
> Up to $7500 credit for trade-in on the purchase of a TANDBERG 6000 Rollabout.
> Up to $6000 credit for trade-in on the purchase of a TANDBERG 6000 codec or portable.
> TANDBERG Leasing 5.9%** rate!
Call for additional information: 800-224-7083.
*You will need a PC with Windows Media player and speakers to attend this session. You will be able to send questions during the event. Registrants will receive access info for event via e-mail.
**Financing provided by TANDBERG Leasing. Subject to credit approval.
What actually happens during business meetings? This study will surprise you!
In order to better understand the state of communication in business today, TANDBERG and RoperASW teamed up to conduct a survey of business professionals to measure behaviors and attitudes around specific communication methods used in the workplace. The goal of the survey was to compare the efficacy of face-to-face, audio, and electronic communication in accomplishing various business objectives and to better understand how video communication might fit into the current mix.
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IVCi Launches IntelliNet Managed Conferencing Services
Wainhouse Research

IVCi has made a major move, stepping outside its role as a video conferencing reseller towards a comprehensive set of product and services solutions for its conferencing customers. In the process, the company is also repositioning its IntelliNet brand name from that of a network service to that of a comprehensive set of services. The new offering is dubbed IntelliNet Managed Conferencing Service, IntelliNet MCS®. IntelliNet MCS® packages video conferencing, streaming, web conferencing, IP network services, and soon audio conferencing, into three levels of service offerings - an outsourced ASP service, a managed service for equipment hosted on the customer's premises, and a managed service for equipment co-located at a SAVVIS NOC in the ever-lovely St. Louis. These three options give customers total flexibility to choose the managed service type that makes the most sense for them, given their usage patterns, network costs, capital equipment budgets, and internal technical support resources.

Comments: This is the wave of the future. At the Summit in Boston last year, AGT's Mike Valletutti and others talked about the challenges ahead for resellers. IVCi is clearly in line with this thinking - that the future is in providing services and solutions to customers, not just boxes. The company's offering, at least on paper, is one of the most comprehensive IP-based solutions in the industry.

CTO - Did You Know?: Streaming Video
Richard Blackwell
Chief Technology Officer, IVCi

In the literal sense ALL video is streamed, so it is somewhat a misnomer that the term is applied not to video conferencing (which is certainly streaming video), but only to web-based applications.

The question then becomes "When to Stream or Not to Stream?", and by this I refer to stream video or to use a multi-point device (software or hardware MCU) in order to reach many participants. How do you decide what is best based on the defined needs? Use the scenarios below to help you when faced with this question.
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Video Conferencing Etiquette
Ministry of Education, British Columbia

The following are some suggested practices to ensure a successful video conference for all participants and presenters.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the video conference. Arriving early provides an opportunity to find a seat, conduct introductions among participants, and organize materials for the meeting.
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IVCi Launches New Web Site
Chief Executive Officer, Adam Zeitsiff

On behalf of all of the employees at IVCi, I would like to invite you to visit our new Web site, www.ivci.com. The site has been designed to provide a richer educational experience and to better communicate IVCi's unique differentiator: our "Managed Conferencing Services."

You will now be able to learn about, and register for, numerous IVCi events and services directly from the IVCi home page. An additional feedback feature has been added to allow you to access us regarding questions and comments about our products, services, support, Web site, etc.

At IVCi, we gauge our success by our ability to help our customers find the solutions they need. Our new Web site reflects this commitment and we will continue to provide you with the very best in conferencing solutions.

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  Featured Product
Centra eMeeting
Centra Web Conferencing Solutions
Enterprise software and services for real-time Web conferencing, collaboration and learning over the Web

Centra Web Conferencing Solutions can provide your organization with self-service meetings, Web seminars, virtual classes and more.

IVCi is a premier, nation-wide partner with Centra Software (NSDQ: CTRA) for their entire line of real-time enterprise collaboration and conferencing tools. Their products represent IVCi's key go-to-market solution for our customer's fully-deployed, premise-based Web conferencing requirements.
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Features Product
The top-of-the-line TANDBERG 8000 is designed for the boardroom.
The TANDBERG 8000 has a sleek, elegant design combined with state-of-the art engineering. A completely integrated video conferencing solution, the TANDBERG 8000 includes two monitors, stand, camera, remote control, tracker, microphone and integrated cabling.
The TANDBERG 8000 commands attention. With its elegant design and state-of-the-art engineering, this system significantly enhances the exclusive boardrooms for which it was designed.
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Featured Product
Polycom Executive Collection
Polycom Executive Collection
Elegance and Ease.
As organizations strive to enhance productivity across globally dispersed teams and ultimately speed learning and decision-making, demand increases for executive-quality meeting rooms with video conferencing capabilities. To meet this demand, The Polycom Executive Collection conferencing and collaboration solution was created. It not only provides the highest quality video conferencing, but it also sets a new benchmark for stylish elegance and versatility.
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