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Polycom Rebates!
Upgrade Your Polycom!
Polycom is currently offering a rebate to customers who trade in an old Polycom video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX product, ViewStation or iPower product along with a qualified annual maintenance service program.
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Polycom Rebates!
Upgrade Your Video!
Polycom is currently offering a rebate to customers who trade in an approved video conferencing unit and purchase an eligible Polycom VSX product, ViewStation or iPower product along with a qualified annual maintenance service program.
Call for additional information: 800-224-7083 ext. 7156.

Sony Rebates!
Trade in Your Old Video Conferencing System!
Trade in your used video conferencing equipment and receive a direct cash rebate by mail of up to $600 on the purchase of a new Sony PCS-1 Video Conferencing system. But you've got to act soon. Offer ends on December 31, 2004. Call for additional information: 800-224-7083 ext. 7156.



Focusing on improving presentations, multipoint and multimedia areas, TANDBERG is fulfilling customer requests for the richest user experience possible with its new MXP product line. Power Meetings Update is pleased to present an informative Q&A focusing on this exciting new video conferencing technology.

Q: Is TANDBERG utilizing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in any solution today?
A: Yes, TANDBERG implements SIP in TANDBERG Instant Messenger (IM) today. Currently, all TANDBERG MXP products are SIP-ready and it is TANDBERG's intention to release SIP in Q1 05.

Q: Can TANDBERG explain how SIP, H.323/H.320 and SCCP will integrate in a single environment?
A: Today TANDBERG and Cisco® have a tight integration strategy with H.323 and SCCP. TANDBERG implements Cisco's strategic SCCP protocol bringing not only telephony features to visual communications but robust implementation and management capabilities as well. Cisco CallManager is the only integrated Video Telephony product on the market. By default, Cisco CallManager is a H.323 to SCCP gateway. This means that H.323 calls can be processed and forwarded directly to SCCP systems (video or audio). As we have bridged this solution into the H323 world, TANDBERG will make sure that SIP also will work seamlessly together with a H323 and H320 solution.

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Polycom Home Office

Waving Hello, From a Distance

By Michel Marriott,
New York Times

WHEN Melody Wilt, a new grandmother, made the 10-hour drive from her home near Reading, Pa., to her daughter's house in Chapin, S.C., for Thanksgiving, she took along more than a 20-pound smoked turkey.

She went bearing a U.S.B. Web camera, sophisticated teleconferencing software and an Internet-inspired vision that will allow her to continue visiting even after she returns home. ''I want him to be able to see me, to hear my voice,'' she said of her 3-week-old grandson, Joseph Sinclair Lewis. ''I want to be able to read stories to him and share some of his firsts.''

Mrs. Wilt, a manager at a regional educational services agency, said videoconferencing technology had gotten so good, so affordable and so easy to install and use that she is comfortable using it to open a two-way video window between her and her grandson when she is unable to visit in person.

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Sony PCS-1

Whitepaper: Core Technolgies of Sony's PCS-1 Video Conferencing System

Video conferencing has a surprisingly long history. Experimental analogue-video-based systems were developed decades ago.

The first commercial system based on digital technology, using digital-circuit-switched networks, was put on the market in the early 1980s. However the poor quality of video and audio and the exorbitant price of the equipment hindered its wide acceptance. The high tariff on circuit-switched lines created another bottleneck to the acceptance process. Videoconferencing systems were used only in wealthy organizations and in schools and until the end of the 90s they were not considered to be popular or user-friendly.

The recent rapid progress in IC technology has changed this situation. Most significantly, it has enabled dramatic cost reductions in videoconferencing equipment. Moreover, the penetration of broadband IP networks has enabled a cost-effective IP-based videoconferencing infrastructure.

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Polycom SoundStation2

Polycom SoundStation2

Remarkable Voice Quality. The New Standard for Everyday Conferencing.

The SoundStation2, Polycom's next generation conference phone redefines the standard for business quality voice conferencing. With industry-leading full duplex for natural, simultaneous two-way conversation, the SoundStation2 will exceed your expectations in medium to small conference rooms.

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Polycom ReadiManager LX100

Polycom ReadiManager LX100

NEW from Polycom!

The new Polycom ReadiManager LX100 is a single appliance that connects directly to the enterprise network to deliver simplified video/audio conference scheduling and device management. Gone are the days of having to maintain several servers to run separate applications.

Users can now schedule right from the desktop through the intelligent Polycom ReadiManager LX100 wizard that automatically prompts users to enter required conference information resulting in faster, easier scheduling and virtually eliminating the need for training. Users can also use their own Microsoft Outook or IBM Lotus Notes interfaces to schedule and manage conferences.

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