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GSA Contract : GS-35F-0190T

GSA Contract #: GS-35F-0511T

GSA Contract #: GS-35F-0355N

GSA Contract #: GS-35F-4259D

Speech Pathology Lab

Lehman College Speech Pathology Lab


E-Rate IP Video Conferencing for Your School District

State of New York Polycom Contract #: NEG-20202

State of New York TANDBERG Contract #: NEG-20203

State of Florida Contract #: 880-000-09-1

State of California Contract #: 3-10-70-2063C

State of Utah Contract #: MA2108

State of South Carolina Contract #: 4400001032


Group 77150 Premised Based
Video Conference Equipment - Polycom, Inc.


38th Floor - Corning Tower Building
Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12242

Contract Award Notification

Title: Group 77150 Premised Based Video Conference
Equipment - Polycom, Inc.
Award Number: NEG-20202 Replaces 4239
Contract Period: Purchase: January 21, 2006 to January 20, 2011
Maintenance: January 21, 2006 to January 20, 2016
Bid Opening Date: Not Applicable
Date of Issue: January 30, 2006
Specification Reference: As Incorporated in the Negotiated Contract

Address Inquiries To:

All State Agencies Non-State Agencies
Name:Benjamin BietkaName:Customer Service
Title:Telecommunications Analyst IITitle:Purchase Coordinator



This contract is for the Polycom, Inc. line of networking hardware and software. Polycom has agreed to extend the terms of this contract to certain non-profit colleges, universities and other organizations and provided for in the Education Law, Transportation Law, State Finance Law, Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, Chapter 741 of the Laws of 1985 and as amended by Chapter 90 of the Laws of 1992, and certain charitable organizations.

PR # 20202

PT = purchase contractPS = maintenance contract
PT62141Polycom, Inc.(770) 646-638994-3128324
PS62142 4750 Willow Road(770) 333-0788 fax 
 Pleasanton, CA 94588  
 Contact: Barbara



 IVCi, LLC(631) 273-580020-0399584
 601 Old Willets Path(631) 273-7277 fax 
 Hauppauge, NY 11788  
 Contact: Robert

Cash Discount, If Shown, Should be Given Special Attention.

Agencies should notify the procurement services group promptly if the contractor fails to meet the delivery terms of this contract. Delivered items which do not comply with the specifications or are otherwise unsatisfactory to the agency should also be reported to the procurement services group.

The letters SB listed under the Contract Number indicate the contractor is a small business. Additionally, the letters MBE and WBE indicate the contractor is a Minority-owned Business Enterprise and/or Woman-owned Business Enterprise, respectively.


New York State Agencies may purchase from this contract utilizing a standard New York State Purchase Order. Non-State Agencies should utilize whatever purchase document they currently use.

Each manufacturer has the option of either direct distribution or the use of resellers and, if applicable may choose both methods.

The price list for each contract will be available on the manufacturer's web site through a link from the OGS website. The price list is updated by the contractor as changes in their price list occur. The contract terms require the contractor to make twelve months of historical contract information available to contract users for auditing purposes.

State agencies are reminded that they must comply with all applicable control agency guidelines (e.g. Division of the Budget H-100, etc.) Specifically, State agencies are reminded of their obligation to get Office for Technology (OFT) approval before placing orders under these contracts for any requirement which exceeds:

• $20,000 for software

• $50,000 for hardware or services

Procurement Procedures for Authorized Users

The Office of General Services has established contracts for many brands of networking hardware and software , and new brands may become available in the future. State agencies should carefully consider all alternatives and select the most cost effective (which can include lowest price or best value analysis) for their current and anticipated future needs. Please refer to OGS CL-301 Summary of Technology Contracts and Guidelines for Their Use dated September 18, 1998, and OSC Bulletin No. G-68 for additional information on soliciting best and final offers and negotiation techniques.

As noted above, for each brand of equipment covered by a contract, the manufacturer hosts the contract at their web site. The terms of the contract allow contractors to provide a configurator as an option. Where available, Authorized Users can utilize the configurator to develop and price different configurations. However, given the complicated configurations available from these contracts, users are urged to verify quotes and configurations for accuracy and completeness and it is recommended that you receive a written quote when making purchases. Each of these web sites is linked to the OGS web site for convenience.

It is required that each agency develop a Procurement Record for any acquisition exceeding $50,000. It is recommended that each agency develop procurement strategy policies for networking hardware and software. Different policies should be developed for different types of requirements (i.e. add-on equipment for existing systems vs. new system requirements). Whether the policy is to consider all contract equipment or to standardize on one or more specific brands, the policy should be supported by specific rationale expressed in terms of what represents best value to the agency. Because technology is constantly changing, it is recommended that the policy be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. There are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration when developing a procurement policy. These include but are not limited to:

• Compatibility with existing systems and software

• Past experience and expertise of contractor(s) and reseller(s)

• Agency requirement(s) that justify the purchase of a specific manufacturer's equipment. These and other relevant considerations must be fully documented in the Procurement Record. The following procedures should be used when purchasing networking hardware and software equipment which exceeds $50,000. If an agency determines that the purchase of either a new system or add-on equipment is sole or single source, refer to Justification for a Single or Sole Source Purchase below.

New Systems/Installation

Where the agency has not standardized on a particular manufacturer, agencies will be required to solicit quotes from at least three contractors (manufacturers and/or resellers of different manufacturers) that the agency deems capable of meeting their needs for any new system requirement. Soliciting quotes from all contractors who market the type of equipment required is encouraged. Where the agency has standardized on a particular manufacturer, agencies will be required to solicit quotes from three applicable resellers that service the geographical area where the system will be installed. The following concepts should be considered:

• When purchasing a new system, an agency has maximum leverage. This leverage should be used to insure that the agency acquires the system that represents best value for their particular requirement.

• Because leverage is greatest when selecting a new system, include evaluation criteria that require contractors to offer discounts from contract pricing for the purchase of add-on equipment in the future.

When negotiating best and final offers with contractors, create a short description of the requirement, being as specific as possible. Include any required services such as consulting (analysis and/or design), configuration, installation and training. Finally, indicate whether the final selection will be based on lowest price or on a best value analysis. If a best value analysis will be used, indicate what factors besides cost will be considered. Note that consulting and training services may be acquired directly from the networking contracts provided that such services do not exceed twenty percent (20%) of the value of Product being acquired. Consulting and training services exceeding twenty percent (20%) of the cost of the Product being acquired cannot be acquired under the networking contracts. They may be procured competitively using the OGS Consulting, Systems Integration and Training contracts or other competitive process selected by the Authorized User

Add-on/Replacement Equipment for Existing Systems

If original system negotiation included discounts for future purchases, place order directly with the contractor/reseller, including appropriate documentation for the Procurement Record. When acquiring add-on/replacement equipment for existing systems where pricing/additional discounts was/were not a part of the original system negotiation, agency should make purchases in accordance with their established policy for the purchase of add-on/replacement equipment. The following concepts should be considered:

• If agency policy calls for standardization on a single brand, seek reseller competition if at all possible being sure to include support/service criteria to insure best value.

• In some cases, good third-party compatible alternatives exist in addition to the original manufacturer's offerings. Include such alternatives when soliciting best and final offers.

Note: Agency may want to consider doing a mini-bid under the consulting systems integration, and training contracts to assign responsibilities to a systems integrator to integrate multiple brands.

Justification for a Single or Sole Source Purchase

Agency should first review the Procurement Council guidelines, relative to single and sole source purchases on the OGS website ( Refer to Section 4 Procurement Techniques, F. Single /Sole Source.

When justifying a specific manufacturer's equipment as sole source, documentation must include a list of specific features or factors that distinguish the equipment from other available contract equipment and why such features/factors are required/important to the agency. If the selected manufacturer includes resellers in the contract, the justification for single source must include documentation as to why competition between the manufacturers and/or among resellers is not a viable option.

A Procurement Record should be prepared for any order exceeding $50,000 to include:

• The agency policy applicable to the purchase

• The list of contractors/resellers solicited, or a fully documented justification for a single or sole source purchase

• Copies of the offers received

• A document detailing the evaluation and selection of the winning offer Please note that the above procedures may be changed or refined as necessary to facilitate efficient purchases within the framework of the State Finance Law.

Method of Payment

Polycom, Inc., Inc. will submit an invoice after Acceptance or after the Authorized User receives all the products listed on the Purchase Order. If the invoice is issued prior to these actions, it is the Authorized User's responsibility to write a letter to the Contractor stipulating the requirement for the action to take place. As appropriate to State agencies, this will stop the clock for the application of State Finance Law Article XI-A, item 15. After receipt and/or Acceptance, all documents required by the Authorized User, OSC, etc. will be processed to authorize payment to Polycom, Inc.

The voucher or invoice from Polycom, Inc. will contain the Contract ID number, the name of the Authorized User; the location where service was performed; and, either in its body or as an attachment, will contain a copy of the report itemizing the system/equipment/software received or the work completed.


During the term of the contract, Polycom, Inc. will maintain the discount(s) from list as quoted in the original bid for the categories outlined except under special discounts issued by the manufacturer which will be announced by Polycom, Inc. as they occur. In the event that the list price increases on a contract item, the State price may increase in accordance with the applicable discount from list.

Net prices include all applicable shipping, handling, insurance and associated delivery charges. All hardware and/or software supplied shall be shipped with the documentation that is normally included by the manufacturer in the standard package.

State Net Price

The current State Net Price List with installation, maintenance and warranty period is available on the OGS web site or contact Polycom, Inc. for a paper or electronic version.

Special Pricing Incentives

If during the initial contract period or any extension period, Polycom, Inc. directly offers any special pricing incentives whether temporary or permanent, Polycom will make available such special pricing to the Authorized Users under the contract.

All special discounted prices shall also be net, F.O.B. destination to any point in the State of New York including delivery inside storeroom door. Net prices derived from discounts offered shall include shipping, handling, insurance and associated delivery charges.


The entire text of the contract with Polycom, Inc. is available on the OGS web site Please go to this web site and download the document for reference. If you require a paper copy of the contract, please call 518-473-3798. There are a large number of manufacturer brands available to Authorized Users for Networking Hardware and Software. The terms and conditions of each contract are the same for all Contractors.

PDF File Icon New York State Polycom Contract NEG-20202.

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