Avizia Horus Scope
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Avizia Horus Scope

Founded in April 2013, Avizia Inc. was started by former Cisco employees from a highly successful business unit that created technology products and services that serve the unique requirements of the rapidly growing healthcare and education industries. What sets Avizia apart is a deep expertise in video collaboration combined with the industry knowledge required to bring transformational solutions to market, leveraging superior product design, ease of use, and the world’s best video technology to create relevant products for education and healthcare customers.

  • The Horus Scope is a cutting edge Telemedicine scope for capturing video and images of the body that is easy to use and provides a solution for multiple applications with the change of a lens. The scope fits in one hand and users can naturally see what’s captured with the integrated LCD, making the scope familiar and simple to use. The HD (1080p) camera generates exceptional video and still picture quality.

    Connected to an external device or PC with a composite video or USB cable, the scope is an excellent Telemedicine device outputting live video or captured images. Additionally, the scope supports store and forward applications by saving recorded video or still images to a local SD card that can then be transferred seamlessly to a PC or laptop.

    The interchangeable lenses let users get the most out of their investment by making the scope usable in multiple disciplines. The lenses can be swapped on-the-fly while the scope is still on and are immediately functional.

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