Cisco TelePresence Conductor
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Cisco TelePresence Conductor
  • Cisco TelePresence® Conductor software simplifies multiparty video communications, orchestrating the different resources needed for each conference as required. It allows the video network to be configured so that conferences can be easily provisioned, initiated, and accessed.

    The Cisco TelePresence Conductor simplifies and enhances conference resource management, making conferences easy to join and administer. It uses knowledge of all available conferencing resources and their capabilities to help ensure dynamic, intelligent conference placement and optimum resource usage. It delivers powerful, comprehensive administrative control, making simple, natural conferencing a reality.

    Administrators can specify the exact service level and experience required for each user. For example, administrators can determine whether users enjoy standard- or high-definition video, how many participants may connect, the maximum service level available to attendees, and even which Cisco TelePresence Server or Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) is selected, according to geographic location.

  • Features of Cisco TelePresence Conductor include:

    • Cisco TelePresence Conductor supports the industry-leading Cisco TelePresence Server and Cisco TelePresence MCUs
    • It offers conference virtualization: Cisco TelePresence Conductor dynamically selects the most appropriate Cisco TelePresence resources for each new conference
    • Pooled resource orchestration and load balancing mean that having a Cisco TelePresence Server or an MCU out of service need not affect service availability
    • The conductor handles the differing demands and service entitlements of conference attendees by providing customizable templates that define the exact characteristics of a conference and are tailored for each participant
    • Conference personalization helps ensure the conferencing experience is tailored to meet each user’s personal preferences for settings such as layout and personal identification numbers (PINs)
    • Supported Cisco conference modes follow:

    Meeting: The conference has one type of participant, and all participants are given the same priority

    Lecture: There are two types of participants with different levels of priority; each participant type has a different alias to dial in to the conference

    Role configuration for conference attendees: Roles include chairperson, guest, and participant. Cisco TelePresence Conductor supports dynamic conference growth and ad-hoc conference escalations, allowing dynamic two- to three-way conferencing

    System Capacity

    Cisco TelePresence Conductor Essentials

    • Cisco TelePresence Conductor software can be downloaded as a virtualized application and installed without a release key in limited-capacity mode, enabling conference resource orchestration for a single, standalone Cisco TelePresence Server or Cisco TelePresence MCU
    • Support in limited-capacity mode is provided through Cisco Community forums

    Cisco TelePresence Conductor Select

    • For small to medium-sized deployments, an option key is available that enables support for up to 50 concurrent call sessions, enabling conference resource orchestration for more than one Cisco TelePresence Server or Cisco TelePresence MCU
    • Two medium sized Conductor virtual machines supporting up to 50 concurrent call sessions can be clustered together to provide resilience

    Cisco TelePresence Conductor

    • For larger deployments, a full-capacity version of Cisco TelePresence Conductor is required
    • Up to 2400 concurrent call sessions or up to 30 Cisco TelePresence Servers or TelePresence MCUs are supported by one full-capacity Cisco TelePresence Conductor appliance or cluster
    • Up to three full-capacity Cisco TelePresence Conductors can be clustered to provide resilience


IVCi is a leading technology provider specializing in the delivery of robust Cisco Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions. Our solutions help clients solve business challenges while achieving their objectives. IVCi designs and implements solutions based on Cisco Technologies, including Managed Services, Collaboration and Cloud Services. We are a Cisco Premier Partner with certifications in Advanced Collaboration Architecture, Spark and Unified Communications, including Master Specialization in Video. IVCi is certified by Cisco as a Cloud and Managed Services Provider with TelePresence as a Service. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, IVCi serves clients nationwide in a variety of markets in both the public and private sectors.

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