Cisco TelePresence Content Server

IVCi is a Cisco Certified ATP Partner for TelePresence and has obtained the Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization as well as Cisco TelePresence as a Service (TPaaS) for our cloud based video conferencing services.  We have the experience and expertise to provide standard and custom Cisco TelePresence solutions nationwide. Our 24/7 global managed service with concierge-level support is available for all TelePresence customers. When you partner with IVCi, you can be assured a superior TelePresence experience every time. 

Turn Meeting Rooms into Video Capture Studios

Easily share knowledge using the Cisco TelePresence Content Server, which records Cisco TelePresence and third-party videoconferencing meetings and multimedia presentations for live broadcast and on-demand access.

With the Cisco TelePresence Content Server, your organization can share knowledge and enhance communication by recording video conferences. You can access live and on-demand presentations, distance education classes, and corporate training sessions — anywhere, anytime. In addition, you can distribute live or recorded content to any computer, download to your favorite portable media device, or share through iTunes U.

The Cisco TelePresence Content Server simplifies the process of capturing and sharing many types of content throughout your organization, including:

  • Lectures
  • Training sessions
  • Meetings
  • Any critical events

You can create and manage business-quality multimedia content easily from any H.323 or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) video endpoint. You can also distribute that content, live or recorded, to any PC or portable media device or to Cisco Show and Share.

Combine Cisco TelePresence Content Server with Cisco Media Experience Engine 3500, to provide comprehensive multimedia transcoding capabilities, automatically converting video files into a wide array of formats and bitrates for optimal viewing on any device. Cisco Media Experience Engine 3500 also creates a simple and automated way for customers to make their videos look more professional before posting through the addition of graphics, such as a “lower third” graphic containing the speaker’s name and title or the company logo as a watermark. The MXE 3500 can also add a short introductory video known as a bumper, and add a closing “trailer” video to each recorded call before creating versions in different formats and speeds.

Cisco TelePresence Content Server Video Data Sheet
Cisco TelePresence Content Server Video Data Sheet

Cisco TelePresence Content Server Video Data Sheet

Cisco TelePresence Content Server Live Demo



Design features

● Built-in, easy-to-use, web-based management interface
● Built-in web-based content library
● Ability to interoperate with a range of complementary multivendor products

Application features

● Live and on-demand streaming
● Scheduled and impromptu call support with dial-in and -out capabilities
● Ability to record and stream video and H.239 dual-stream presentations from any H.323 or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) videoconferencing unit
● Content creation from anywhere using Cisco TelePresence Expressway technology
● Compatibility with all major streaming formats, including Windows Media, Flash, and QuickTime
● Support for major distribution servers and corporate web portals
● Editing and library features for simple content creation and retrieval
● Support for download of content to PC, Mac, and portable media devices

Performance features

● Ability to host up to 5 concurrent calls (up to 10 calls with Additional Five Port Option), up to two of which can be streamed live
● Videoconference bandwidth up to 4 Mbps (with premium Resolution Option)
● Synchronized streaming of video and presentation in live and on-demand modes
● Unicast and multicast streaming support
● Internal and external storage capabilities
● Support for Microsoft Active Directory authentication through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
● Call configuration and access-rights management
● Support for SQL Server 2008 with content server clusters
● Ability to export and import recordings from one content server to another

Scalability features

● Ability to cluster up to 10 content servers

Virtualization features

● Flexibility to deploy as virtual machine
● Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

How Can IVCI Help?

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