Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60
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Cisco TelePresence SpeakerTrack 60
  • Optimize your video conferencing experience so you can see your customers, partners, and colleagues up close and personal, even when they are on the other side of the globe. The Cisco TelePresence® SpeakerTrack 60 Camera (SpeakerTrack 60) is an unparalleled dual-camera system that lets participants in a video meeting see the active speaker on the other end of a conference – in full view. It enables rich, spontaneous collaboration to help you manage costs, make decisions faster, improve customer intimacy, scale scarce resources, and speed products to market.

    In most videoconferences, the camera simply captures the whole meeting room, making all participants appear small, especially if the conference is held in a large meeting room. Having the active speaker always appear in full view provides an intimate, like-life experience that can be better than being there. Using two cameras that act independently, SpeakerTrack 60 quickly tracks and displays active speakers, switching between them in an instant. So meetings can progress fluidly, and speaker expressions and reactions are captured in real time.

    The Cisco TelePresence portfolio is designed to create a delightful in-person experience over the network – empowering you to collaborate with others like never before. Through a powerful combination of technologies and design that lets you and remote participants feel as if you are all in the same room, the Cisco TelePresence portfolio can transform your business. Many organizations are already using it to promote productivity and innovation.

  • SpeakerTrack 60 Video Overview:

  • SpeakerTrack 60 employs a unique dual-camera approach for fast, direct switching. One camera quickly locates a close-up of the active speaker while the other gets ready to seek and display the next active speaker.

    Key Features of SpeakerTrack 60 Camera:

    • Fast, direct switching between active speakers delivers a continuous meeting experience.
    • Multispeaker view prevents unnecessary switching when the next active speaker is already in the current shot.
    • Automatic framing of all participants provides an ideal, dynamic overview of the full room.
    • Sleek industrial design and wall-mount option enables discreet room set-up.
    • Simple user interaction provides a consistent experience with the rest of the Cisco TelePresence products.
    • True 1080p60 HD resolution delivers rich, vivid image quality.


IVCi is a leading technology provider specializing in the delivery of robust Cisco Unified Communication and Collaboration Solutions. Our solutions help clients solve business challenges while achieving their objectives. IVCi designs and implements solutions based on Cisco Technologies, including Managed Services, Collaboration and Cloud Services. We are a Cisco Premier Partner with certifications in Advanced Collaboration Architecture, Spark and Unified Communications, including Master Specialization in Video. IVCi is certified by Cisco as a Cloud and Managed Services Provider with TelePresence as a Service. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, IVCi serves clients nationwide in a variety of markets in both the public and private sectors.

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