Cisco TelePresence Touch Devices
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Cisco TelePresence Touch Devices

IVCi is a Cisco Certified ATP Partner for TelePresence and has obtained the Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization as well as Cisco TelePresence as a Service (TPaaS) for our cloud based video conferencing services. We have the experience and expertise to provide standard and custom Cisco TelePresence solutions nationwide. Our 24/7 global managed service with concierge-level support is available for all TelePresence customers. When you partner with IVCi, you can be assured a superior TelePresence experience every time.

  • Cisco TelePresence® Touch devices take ease-of-use and user interaction benefits to the next level by adding touch interfaces to Cisco TelePresence endpoints. These devices are optimized for function, form factor, and ergonomics to offer you easy launch and manageability during a Cisco TelePresence call. The portfolio features 8-, 10- and 12-inch- touch-screen devices:

    • Touch 8-inch devices support the Cisco TelePresence EX Series (EX60, EX90), Cisco TelePresence Profile Series (Profile 42, Profile 55, Profile 65), Cisco TelePresence MX Series (MX200 and MX300), Cisco TelePresence Integrator C Series (Integrator C40, C60, C90), and the Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set.
    • Touch 10-inch devices support the second-generation MX300 and future generations of SX and MX Series.
    • Touch 12-inch devices support Cisco TelePresence TX Series (TX9000, TX9200 and TX1310), Cisco TelePresence System 3000 Series (3010), Cisco TelePresence System 3200 Series (3210), Cisco TelePresence System 1300 Series (1300-47, 1300-65), Cisco TelePresence System 1100 (1100), and Cisco TelePresence System 500-32 endpoints.

    Cisco TelePresence Touch devices feature a revolutionary user interface focused on people and how they communicate in one-on-one and group settings. Work environments today demand interactions that are distributed across communication mediums and vary with the changing context, contacts, and content. With Cisco TelePresence Touch devices, you can quickly and easily access the most common tasks in the context of your interaction. The innovative design allows effortless integration with the various forms of synchronous and asynchronous communication that are already part of the workflow.


  • Cisco TelePresence Touch Devices Interface

    Cisco TelePresence Touch Devices Interface

  • Cisco TelePresence Touch devices enhance the ease of connection and communication by providing instant access to meeting, contacts, directories, and content. These devices enable you to launch and manage calls, share content, and access advanced features – all with a simple touch of the finger:

    • Effortless user interaction: Visually appealing and inviting device
    • Consistent experience: Unified user interface design (Figure 2)
    • Reduced learning curve: Clear, context-based interaction
    • Ergonomic fit: Size and form factor optimization for the endpoint use case
    • Simple setup: One cable connection to the network
    • Easy call launch: One-button-to-push meeting access for scheduled calls and easy-to-access contact list for impromptu usage
    • Cohesive collaboration: Ability to select the content you want to share
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