Cyviz Bizwall

Cyviz designs and manufactures world-class, premium display walls and systems that elevate the collaborative experience.

For the better part of two decades, through a dedicated, singular focus on perfecting large display technologies, Cyviz has honed their understanding of the sophisticated requirements of organizations across a range of industries -and continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that their products are always on the cutting edge.

On these promises, they deliver: Cyviz consistently meets installation deadlines and provides service worldwide, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Versatile and to the point, the Cyviz Bizwall has become a bestseller across industries. This will take your meeting room to the next level.

The Cyviz Bizwall is designed for professionals with a need for a high resolution, super wide display for collaborative work in a regular meeting room or office environment.

Visualize your talent

Applying the very best technology, the Cyviz Bizwall delivers an excellent, seamless image with very high brightness. Calibration ensures uniformity in colours and brightness across the screen.


With the Cyviz wall technology, you can add and switch between any number of sources. You can also display several sources simultaneously in native resolution when taking advantage of Cyviz groundbreaking Picture in Picture (PiP) and Cyviz Display Controller technology.


This is a standardized product which is very easy to set up. Nevertheless, you can have any screen dimension and choose number of projectors in the system. It can also be enabled for stereo 3D and rotated systems.

Customization and Standardization

Is it possible to have both? All Cyviz displays are based on the same principles and building blocks. Core elements such as projector technology, alignment units and signal handling is the same for the entire Cyviz product portfolio.

This approach has ensured our large international clients with a VR infrastructure that has a high degree of stability, streamlined support and maintenance and subsequently low total cost of ownership (TCO).

That said, all Cyviz displays are custom made in terms of image size, resolution and source management. We realize the importance of a good fit with facilities and task, and the Solution Architects from Cyviz work closely with our clients to make precise drawings prior to any installation.

Key Features

  • Designed for advanced meeting rooms or basic collaborative work environments
  • Unrivalled price/performance
  • Picture in Picture functionality for adding video conference, extra lap-tops, etc.
  • One seamless, super-wide image
  • Uniformity in colors and brightness
  • Low noise and heat dissipation
  • High degree of stability
  • High brightness — stunning picture!

How Can IVCI Help?

Our team will design and implement a comprehensive collaboration environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

Let’s Evaluate Your Options.