Cyviz Clusterwall

Cyviz designs and manufactures world-class, premium display walls and systems that elevate the collaborative experience.

For the better part of two decades, through a dedicated, singular focus on perfecting large display technologies, Cyviz has honed their understanding of the sophisticated requirements of organizations across a range of industries -and continue to invest heavily in research and development to ensure that their products are always on the cutting edge.

On these promises, they deliver: Cyviz consistently meets installation deadlines and provides service worldwide, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations.

This premium display wall from Cyviz delivers from 6 to 80 mpx in a seamless display. With a crisp and clear expression that is second to none, this is probably the best image available in the industry today.

As Good As It Gets

The Cyviz Clusterwall is arguably the best blended display in the market today, with a crisp and clear image that is second to none. It’s designed for professionals who require photorealism in their content, and who can not compromise on quality.

Collaborative Work

Most clients applying the Cyviz Clusterwall have a need to share information and make decisions across disciplines and geography. Often underestimated, the ease of use is key when measuring how effective collaborative tools are in these processes. The Cyviz Clusterwall is designed with the user case in mind, and a unique user interface has been developed to ensure intuitive and confident work sessions. With Cyviz’ groundbreaking Picture in Picture (PiP) and Cyviz Display Controller technology it’s possible to display several sources on screen simultaneously.

Leaders’ choice

As diverse clients as Procter & Gamble, Western Geco, Volvo Trucks and StatoilHydro has chosen the Cyviz Clusterwall for their prime facilities, and current Cyviz installations for these clients are among the largest and perhaps the most impressive in their respective industries. Application and decision criteria vary, but reliability, image quality, total cost of ownership and timeliness of installation is repeatedly mentioned as the most pressing issues.

Open Architecture

Although Cyviz is a manufacturer of complete solutions for advanced visualization, we firmly believe in an open architecture. The Cyviz Clusterwall supports the widest range of platforms including PC clusters, workstations based on both Windows and Linux, display processors and different GUIs from player such as AMX and Crestron. Cyviz understands that company standards vary, and has enabled a platform for easy integration with other technologies when this is the governing factor.

Clusterwall Key Features

  • Designed for collaborative work
  • Unrivalled price/performance
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Highest resolution available
  • One seamless image
  • Uniformity in colors and brightness
  • Low noise and heat dissipation
  • High degree of stability
  • High brightness — stunning picture!


As opposed to cube-based solutions, there is almost full flexibility in scaling your Cyviz Clusterwall. It could be 4 or 40 channels depending on your resolution requirement, and the choice is fairly independent of actual screen size.

E.g. One interesting recent (2008) project in Norway is designed with 18 channels of which an array of 8 of them is in stereo 3D.

A special feature worth mentioning, is the Cyviz Clusterwalls ability to run from a single PC source (up to 16 channels). Not having to apply a PC cluster or other advanced source has been a huge cost saver for a number of clients and also improves flexibility in terms of running different software on a high resolution display. The Cyviz Clusterwall is currently the only display in the world with this capability.

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