Pexip Infinity

Pexip overthrows conventional telepresence thinking by providing an affordable, virtualized, simple approach to video conferencing on any device.

The hurdles that hardware costs and expensive bandwidth represent in deploying large-scale conferencing are eliminated with Pexip, making personal virtual meeting spaces for all a reality.

Pexip Infinity is a software-based, virtualized and distributed multipoint conferencing infrastructure. It enables the scaling of video, voice and data conferencing across entire organizations

Aligning enterprise video conferencing performance with tomorrow’s requirements.

As your organization and the economy changes, so do the requirements for in-person meetings, conferencing and collaboration solutions. People want to see and hear each other in HD and be present in meetings no matter where or when they take place. Even tablets, mobile phones and personal devices can join in today’s conferences. Conferences can include presentation sharing, two-way video conferencing and collaboration. The problem, however, is that large scale video conferencing meetings require costly infrastructure — effectively restricting how many users an organization enables on video.

Enabling conferencing and Virtual Meeting Rooms with Pexip Infinity.

Pexip Infinity overthrows conventional thinking. It effectively replaces or adds on to existing custom hardware infrastructure. Pexip Infinity does away with the need for a huge up front investment. It simplifies management, deployment and use. Moreover, as Pexip Infinity is software only, it is not constrained by custom hardware updates for performance gains or feature additions. Pexip Infinity is a completely virtualized video conferencing platform running on VMware® ESXi™ or Microsoft® Hyper-V virtual machines. It quickly and easily provides everyone with video conferencing. Simply meet.

Pexip Infinity with Lync

Pexip Infinity natively expands functionality of Microsoft Lync and merges it with corporate video conferencing infrastructure.

Microsoft Lync is the worldwide established standard in enterprise communications. Pexip Infinity works seamlessly with Lync 2013, Lync Online and Lync 2010 and enables users — via mobile or desktop clients — to
join meetings with any other type of endpoint or conferencing solution, including those in a company’s board room or executive offices. Pexip Infinity addresses fundamental challenges in video conferencing, such
as scale, virtualization and distribution. It is by far the most flexible way of providing everyone in an organization with video, personal virtual meeting rooms and secure conferencing.

Pexip Infinity overthrows conventional thinking. It effectively replaces or adds on to existing custom hardware infrastructure. Pexip Infinity does away with the need for a huge up front investment. It simplifies management, deployment and use. Moreover, as Pexip Infinity is software only, it is not constrained by custom hardware updates for performance gains or feature additions. Pexip Infinity is a completely virtualized video conferencing platform running on VMware® ESXi™ or Microsoft® Hyper-V virtual machines. It quickly and easily provides everyone with video conferencing. Simply meet.


  • HD video, audio and web conferencing to everyone at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.
  • Runs as VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines on standard off-the-shelf servers.
  • Distributed architecture and gateway avoids media hairpinning and improves user experience.
  • Compatible with virtually any enterprise hardware or software endpoint.
  • Pexip App lets users control the entire conferencing experience.
  • Support for H.323, SIP, H.239, BFCP, H.264, H.264SVC, G.729 and more.
  • Fully WebRTC and VP8 compatible for HD video conferencing through Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera with no need for plugins.
  • Native H.264SVC and RTVideo interop for HD video to and from Lync 2010/2013/Lync Online.
  • HD content sharing using RDP from Lync to H.239/BFCP for video endpoints.
  • Supports H.323/SIP and WebRTC signaling, H.239/ BFCP for presentation and H.264/H.263/VP8 video to standard based video endpoints and browsers.


Distributed architecture and gateway

Deploy video conferencing resources where and when required. Save bandwidth across multiple locations. Use any Conferencing Node as a distributed media gateway.

Works with virtually any enterprise endpoint

Works with nearly any video, audio or mobile conferencing endpoint – software or hardware. Benefit from use across already existing infrastructure.

Virtualized video conferencing infrastructure

Complete video conferencing infrastructure that runs as a virtual machine on VMware® ESXi or Microsoft® Hyper-V rather than using custom hardware.

100% software

No hardware limitations and outstanding performance. Investment protection — no custom hardware. Pexip Infinity deploys like any other enterprise software.

Flexible licensing model

Pay only for the number of licenses you use. Enable everyone in the organization to participate from anywhere. Scale up or down in response to demand.

Pexip Infinity Overview:

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