Polycom RealPresence Media Manager

Manage video assets from creation to distribution

Create a knowledge culture in your organization. Enable your teams to share, search, and access video as easily as any other content type.

The Polycom RealPresence Media Manager is the only automated enterprise software in the industry that equips organizations to manage all of their video assets at any stage of their life cycle–from capture, to upload, to organization and administration, to delivery, to final expiration.

  • Upload any video source or format  Create reusable video assets regardless of how the content was captured
  • Provide universal browser access – View your organization’s complete multimedia content library and live webcasts from any device, using just a browser, inside or outside the firewall
  • Support mobile devices – Intelligently transform content for iOS and Android
  • Manage content logically – Set rules that automate the discovery, upload, organization, and treatment of new content; manage viewing permissions and content approval workflows
  • Make video content thoroughly searchable –  Use optional speech processing services to increase the likelihood that video content will be discovered with simple keyword searches

Integrate with your IT environment and choose from diverse IT deployment models.  Media Manager can be right-sized to fit your needs – from as few as 250 to as many as 40,000 concurrent users, the Media Manager is flexible enough to fit a wide variety of use cases and requirements.

You can integrate RealPresence Media Manager with portal environments and web applications–free fully-documented APIs, sample code, and best practices are available to accelerate your development efforts. For example:

  • Microsoft® SharePoint® 2013 and Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 – embed RealPresence Media Manager’s integrated search and playback interface for live and on-demand video into the Microsoft SharePoint environment
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) –  RealPresence Media Manager is Learning Tools Interoperability™ v1.0 Certified, which enables a bi-directional integrations with many popular LMS environments that support the LTI standard

You can also minimize the impact of video on your network, and leverage existing IT investments to keep costs down.

  • Deliver over any network – Reach your audience wherever they are using your existing internal or external content delivery networks
  • Minimize network impact – Control how video is routed over your network and cached on your edge servers, to bring content physically closer to end users
  • Enable streaming scalability – Stream splitting serves a single “live” stream to multiple users, maintaining a single connection to the media server and minimizing bandwidth utilization

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