telyMed MTS-100

TelyLabs is a pioneer in simple, secure and affordable video communication and collaboration systems that fundamentally change the way people communicate. Our solutions help organizations to:

  • Extend existing standards-based video networks from executive boardrooms to secondary conference rooms and remote offices.
  • Gain the benefits of videoconferencing and content sharing without the investment in expensive on-premise video networks.
  • Connect meeting rooms to a wide variety of video-enabled devices, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and traditional room-based video conferencing systems.

Tely Labs is dedicated to bringing video conferencing to every meeting room, remote office and healthcare facility – simply, securely and affordably.

telyMed™ MTS-100 Mobile Station is a fully self-contained, next-generation telemedicine workstation designed to meet the mobility and ease-of-use requirements of healthcare providers at the point of care.

The high-definition mobile telemedicine endpoint provides flexible functionality for multiple remote healthcare applications, providing enhanced access at unprecedented value.

The telyMed MTS-100 can be enhanced with the telyHD Pro Upgrade to add standards-based videoconferencing, telyCloud service and support for 3rd-party cloud-based bridging services, such as Blue Jeans Network and others.

Flexible Video Connectivity

Supports multiple HD video connectivity protocols including SIP, Tely Labs telyCloud services and Skype for flexible HD video connectivity*

Remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Adjustable camera with digital remote pan, tilt and zoom functions

Integrated Video Display

24” LCD Display for optimum image quality

Wired and WiFi Ethernet

802.11 b/g/n WiFi & wired 10/100 Mbps Ethernet for Internet connectivity in various environments

Long-Running Battery

AC powered with rechargeable battery pack giving over 5 hours of untethered operation. UL60601.1 approved isolated power supply for safe operation

On-Board Storage

Locking drawer assembly with embedded anti-microbial work surface designed for hospital use

Designed for Safe Maneuvering & Operation

Five free-running 4”-inch anti-static wheels with locks for stability and ease of mobility; wrap around handle for easy maneuvering
and equipment protection

telyMed MTS-100 Mobile Station includes:

  • telyHD appliance with telyMed software
  • 24” LCD display
  • 5+ hour battery
  • locking storage with embedded anti-microbial work surface

Additional Features:

With telyShare and a connected PC, clinicians can use a wide variety of USB medical devices to share information for diagnostics, consultation, or training.

How Can IVCI Help?

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Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

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