VGo Robotic Telepresence

VGo Communications, Inc. develops and markets robotic telepresence solutions for healthcare, education and the workplace. The company was founded in 2007 by experienced successful veterans of visual communications and robotics industries. Based in Nashua, NH, VGo leveraged the recent trends of widespread wireless high speed networks, lower specialized component costs and the universal acceptance of video as a communications medium to invent a new class of solution that is friendly, simple, secure and affordable. VGo delivered their first solution in 2011.

VGo enables a remote worker to not only see, hear and talk, but also move around and be more productive in distant locations.

VGo is an entirely new video conferencing solution that hasn’t been available until now. VGo gives you the ability to not only be in a distant location, but also to move around in that location. In addition to versatile remote monitoring and inspection, VGo increases productivity by enabling face-to-face interaction, not just in the conference room or behind the desk, but now anywhere in your facility. VGo is not designed as a direct replacement for in-person interaction or as a replacement for videoconferencing, (though smaller organizations may choose to use VGo instead of videoconferencing) but rather as the next best alternative to “being” in the office, home or place of business.

  • See, hear, talk, and move in any location – be in two places at once
  • Mobility enhances distant effectiveness by freeing you from a conference room or office
  • 100% remote controlled – never be dependent on anyone else – even though you are not there
  • High quality audio / video and easy driving via any PC or laptop with an internet connection makes it like you’re really there
  • Advanced security controls and privacy policies mimic real life
  • WiFi connectivity, battery power, and advanced robotics deliver complete freedom of movement

Recent availability of:

  • widespread affordable WiFi / broadband internet
  • sophisticated, yet low lost robotic technology
  • inexpensive yet powerful video processing engines

have enabled the industry veterans at VGo Communications to deliver an active presence solution at an amazingly affordable cost.

Disciplined engineering has produced a graceful and intelligent form factor, a simple yet powerful remote control user interface, high quality video images and amazing audio pickup and fidelity. All without the need for time consuming set-up and training.

Using it is Easy

  1. On your PC or laptop, bring up your VGo PC app.
  2. Click the location where you need to be.
  3. You’re done. There is no step 3.

Now you can see, hear, talk, be heard, be seen and go anywhere. Go fast, go slow, pivot in place. Just like you would if you were there.

VGo Robotic Telepresence photo 3

How it All Works

VGo’s unique capability is in its remote controlled mobility combined with 2-way video and audio communications. The solution comprises two elements:

  • The VGo – The mobile device that you call into that carries your presence.
  • The VGo PC App – The software application that is downloaded to your PC that you use to initiate connectivity, see and hear the far end and drive the VGo.

Calls run over the internet with the help of VGoNet, a special cloud computing network that manages everything so you don’t have to.. The network was especially designed to handle the complexities of a solution that requires real time AV communications and simultaneous robotic remote controls.


  • 48” H x 13” W x 15” D
  • 18 lbs (6 hr battery)
  • 22 lbs (12 hr battery)
  • Independent dual motorized drives
  • 0 to 3 ft/sec variable speed
  • Obstacle and cliff detection sensors
  • Auto-docking for battery re-charging
  • 2MP motorized camera w/ flash
  • H.264 30 fps video codec
  • 8khz Hi fidelity audio codec
  • USB accessory ports
  • Integrated WiFi
  • 6” LCD display
  • 360 degree 4 microphone array
  • Woofer and tweeter speakers
  • 38 illumination and status LED lights
  • Integrated touchpad user controls
  • Speech processor
  • Remote operation PC App

Box Contents

  • The VGo
  • Handheld local controller
  • Battery
  • Charging Dock & Power cord
  • Documentation

Remote PC / Laptop Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 7, Vista, or XP
  • Dual Core 2.0 GHz
  • 1 MB RAM
  • Camera, MIC, speakers

Network Requirements

  • 802.11 b/g/n wireless coverage for the VGo (PC can be wired or wireless) with WEP, WPA, WPA2 or unsecured
  • 768 Kbps internet upload speed



  • Simple point and click active presence
  • User controlled volume, mute, camera lights and hi-resolution snapshots
  • WiFi and Battery status indicators
  • Auto docking for battery recharging
  • Strict privacy and connectivity controls
  • Comprehensive web tools for managing your VGos and the people who you let use them
  • Multiple driving methods – use the one you like most
  • Spoken visitor arrival announcements and text messaging
  • Sensors to assist driving, avoid obstacles and prevent falling down steps

Remote Management

Manage your teams, confront your problems, establish your presence. Troubleshoot issues in the manufacturing line and provide an increased level of support for your customers. Use VGo to increase your effectiveness by being anywhere even when you can’t.


Check on your facilities, provide a first response to an alarm, observe contractors, increase security at a low cost. Use VGo to look around even when you’re not around.

Telecommuters and Travellers

Connect with co-workers, build relationships, track down solutions, participate in events and celebrations. Use VGo to be in the office (or home) even when you’re out of the office.


Deliver companion care, extend disease management, monitor patients and increase expert availability. Use VGo to cut healthcare costs while you’re increasing levels of service.


How Can IVCI Help?

Our team will design and implement a comprehensive collaboration environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

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