GlobalMed Telemedicine Peripherals

Telemedicne Peripherals | Telehealth Diagnostic Peripeherals

When you can’t assess a patient in person, digital medical devices can help you gather vitals, monitor progress, view ultrasounds, hear heart and lung sounds and capture images of skin, ears, eyes and other areas. GlobalMed Peripherals take telemedicine a step further in that they easily enable more patient details to be saved in EMRs.

Depending on your individual needs, GlobalMed will build a telemedicine cart loaded with high quality peripherals. GlobalMed also designs telemedicine carts to best contain peripherals for mobility. Cords, leads, probes, cameras and other such items are integrated or mounted so as not to be in the way, be damaged or cause a trip or fall.

Telehealth is an enormously wide-ranging and dynamic field, thanks to rapid advances in information technology. Listening to medical practitioners, collaborating with them on design, and then providing them with the most relevant and effective telemedicine products has been and will continue to be a cornerstone of GlobalMed’s medical technology designs. GlobalMed’s goal is to be a forerunner in telemedicine camera technology and image automation, offering clinicians the best tools to provide high-quality care to their remote patients.

For details on GlobalMed’s best selling medical peripherals, visit the individual product pages or download spec sheets from the Documents and Downloads page.

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