TANDBERG Video Conferencing Systems

TANDBERG Video Conferencing Systems deliver a high-performance product line for all your video communication needs. Each product is designed for simplicity, quality and value.

TANDBERG video conferencing systems deliver unparalleled quality, reliability and ease-of-use. We provide our customers with one hardware platform, one software platform and one remote control so that operating the systems is as easy as possible.

All TANDBERG systems share the same intuitive interface and features, so when you know how to use one TANDBERG system, you know how to use them all. The TANDBERG standards-based platform also ensures complete interoperability for a higher return on investment.

How Can IVCI Help?

Our team will design and implement a comprehensive collaboration environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

Let’s Evaluate Your Options.