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Video Conferencing Articles

The reality of today’s global manufacturing environment demands that corporations find ways to be more efficient; efficient corporations are simply more competitive.  Manufacturers that unite dispersed departments and improve communication enjoy the benefits of costs savings and increased product time to market. Major manufacturers like General Electric (GE) use unified communications (UC) systems with video conferencing and telepresence technology to assist them in their quest for the most streamlined processes and cost efficient means of collaboration. GE’s departments and resources are spread across the globe, so the ability to get all departments together in a way that facilitates communication has always …

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Video conferencing tips to help you look and sound your best Before the video conference Before the video conference begins, you need to consider the: Appearance/attire Equipment Preparations Environment Appearance/attire Appearance is everything. Be cognizant of your choice of clothing. Blues and greens work well. Pastels and dark or neutral colors are preferable. Avoid bright shiny jewelry as it can reflect light or create a glare. Avoid wearing clothing with very bright or detailed patterns, which may be distracting on screen. Avoid sharp contrasting colors such as black and white together. When you move about it can cause the focus to oscillate and destroy the picture clarity. Avoid the colors red and white. …

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Increase face time with patients without losing the ‘in-person’ connection An increasing number of therapists and mental health professionals use video conferencing technology to supplement in-person therapy sessions with their patients. Video is a good way to reach patients who are located remotely, have scheduling conflicts, are battling certain anxiety and other disorders, and those who feel uncomfortable meeting in person. In addition, video has been used successfully in hospitals, prisons, and rural clinics to treat remote individuals who do not have access to care, for health care that requires immediate attention, and to facilitate training. Using video for psychology sessions, or …

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