Connect, Conference & Collaborate with More People.
Spend Less Doing It.

CVE, the Cloud Video Experience, is a total video collaboration service. Courtesy of IVCi.And the Cloud. Enjoy a premier quality video collaboration experience – without the high cost of expensive new equipment or infrastructure. And without recurring annual maintenance costs. CVE is the conferencing and collaboration option that’s scalable, simple to use, consistently clear and dependable – city to city, across the country, or around the globe.

Great Meetings. Interviews. Idea Sharing. From Anywhere.

You know what makes a great meeting. We know how to deliver one via the Cloud. Choose your favorite endpoint – PC, tablet, mobile, or the device of your choice. Whether you are calling someone point-to-point or meeting multiple participants in a virtual meeting room (VMR) you can easily connect with distant colleagues, customers, suppliers, today’s thought leaders, or future employees.

Multipoint Connections Made Easy. And Stress-Free.

Once multipoint meetings were dependent on a very real investment in expensive new hardware. No more. CVE allows multiple participants to quickly join forces and convene over video utilizing the device of their choice and from the location of their choice. Meeting participants who are not a part of the CVE service can easily join the meeting with any standards based video system, including Microsoft Lync, WebRTC, Skype for business, or via Audio.

Connecting All The Important Endpoints.
Once connected to CVE, every endpoint plugs into our global network. Dedicated capacity and quality are both assured. When you want to add more people it’s simple to scale up. Whether for multiple participants located in multiple locations or spontaneous Virtual Meeting Spaces connecting colleagues in different cities, CVE is TOTAL Video Collaboration that’s totally reliable, totally accessible, and totally affordable.

Learn more about IVCi’s Cloud Video Experience (CVE), a convenient, simple to use video collaboration service delivered from the cloud.

How Can IVCI Help?

Our team will design and implement a comprehensive collaboration environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

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