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Cloud Video Experience (CVE) is a total video collaboration service delivered from the cloud that spans traditional endpoints, software clients and mobile devices. It features monthly subscriptions, for video conferencing systems and clients, which enable device setup and registration, B2B connectivity, and a company-wide directory. Setup is as simple as clicking a link in an email that automatically scans the user’s network and configures the system automatically. Desktop and mobile users can configure their account on up to six different devices including smartphones and tablets.

In addition to enabling rooms and users, Cloud Video experience offers Virtual Meeting Rooms that allow multiple participants to meet face to face. These rooms provide connectivity to all standards-based video conferencing systems as well as interoperability with Microsoft Lync and WebRTC.

Cloud Video Experience is backed by a worldwide network that features PoPs (points of presence) in key cities throughout the world. Calls from endpoints and applications connected to the service are automatically routed to the closest location via the public internet. Once the call arrives at the data center, it travels to the recipient’s closest data center via a private, guaranteed connection. Once there, the call then returns to the public internet for the “last mile.” This approach results in a high quality call experience.


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