Managed Video Experience (MVE)

The next generation of Managed Conferencing Services

Organizations face several challenges today from managing the complex technology to designing effective processes for the video conferencing environment. As a result, many video meetings are delayed or cancelled because the technology is not cooperating.

What is MVE?

A cloud based service that is designed to ensure video meetings are successful every time by allowing participants to focus on the meeting at hand while IVCi manages the operational and technical requirements.

MVE provides complete management of an organization’s video environment including scheduling, proactive meeting monitoring and concierge services. Organizations can immediately experience the ROI because IVCi manages the technology that brings the people and the process together.

MVE Features:

  • Multipoint Bridging, Gateway and ISDN service on a high performance, secure network
  • Pro-active endpoint and network management
  • Web scheduling, meeting management including automatic call launching and reservation-less manual dial
  • Advanced reporting including usage rates, travel savings, etc.
  • Concierge services

Benefits of MVE

  • Organizations experience increased video adoption rates and ROI due to ease of use and reliability
  • The Mobility Experience allows organizations to extend the reach of MVE meetings to include consumer and desktop solutions
  • Web scheduling, meeting management including automatic call launching and reservation-less manual dial
  • Lower travel expenditures and more productive employees due to decreased travel

Customer Testimonials

The cost savings are just incredible. An average trip for an executive to our headquarters is on average two to three thousand dollars. If we have up to six executives traveling to the same meeting there are extensive costs, let alone the productivity loss that is incurred.”

—Director of IT, HVAC Manufacturer

There was a senior level meeting in Asia in the past weeks that lasted quite a while and included 8-10 sites. The anecdotal comments were that it was the most effective meeting of the sort ever in the region. This was because of video. The executives were forced to be more prepared in order to present over video and experienced zero technology issues. The most compelling comment is that the travel savings alone was $170,000 and it was the most effective meeting ever.”

—CIO, Multinational Beverage Manufacturer

How Can IVCI Help?

Our team will design and implement a comprehensive collaboration environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

Let’s Evaluate Your Options.