IVCi Active Care

Active Monitoring of Audio Visual Components

Audio Visual Integrated rooms are often central to an organization’s collaboration strategy and used for many critical business functions. A properly functioning room is vital for a productive meeting. Participants should be able to walk in the room and utilize the technology without worrying about it failing.

Unfortunately, the number of devices, complexity of the system and end user issues can sometimes cause technical difficulties that lead to meeting delays or even extended downtime. End users can lose confidence in the equipment when components fail and even stop leveraging the technology to accomplish business objectives.

Active Care is a cloud-based monitoring service for video conferencing or audio visual collaboration rooms. It reduces the likelihood of technical problems occurring during presentations or video conferences by actively
monitoring equipment and other components that are connected to the service. During a series of audio and video system health checks our team can identify potential issues; such as when speakers or microphones are not operational, when video connectivity is inactive, or for collaboration rooms, when the AV rack reaches a critical temperature.

Once an issue is identified, IVCi’s Helpdesk initiates the service process. A Helpdesk ticket is created and a technician will coordinate the troubleshooting process to resolve the issue. Active Care also provides alerts for preventative maintenance issues via email; such as projector lamp life is running low. Monthly reports highlighting system usage, source usage and more will also be emailed to a designated point of contact.


IVCi Active Care Brochure

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