Video Conferencing Adoption Services

Adoption Services work in parallel to the implementation process and help organizations inform, promote and maintain the usage and adoption of their visual collaboration solutions.

This includes creating a well-defined roll-out plan to ensure users are aware of the technology, its uses and the successes the organization is seeing.

Proper planning and communication are necessary to ensure users know how to use the solutions and integrate technology into their daily workflow. Collaboration Adoption Services begin with interviews with key stakeholders and project sponsors to help develop a detailed communications plan. This plan will outline the following aspects:

  • Who are the target users of the systems?
  • What events (if any) will be held to promote the video project?
  • What marketing materials will be developed to help promote the use of video?
  • What in room materials will need to be created?
  • What is the timeline for both implementation and execution of all marketing/communications deliverables?

Custom resources will be developed for each location to ensure users know how to operate the technology. Resources include a quick reference guide for the equipment including  the steps necessary to connect to a video conference, along with tabletop signs for usage and basic troubleshooting which will include information on who to contact with questions.

After the initial launch, “lunch and learn” session can help keep technology mindshare high and provide training and information for new employees. Additional services include surveys and reports regarding user perception and the creation of case studies highlighting success stories within the organization.


Adoption Services Brochure

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