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SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay

Bring touch capability to your classroom's existing flat-panel display by adding the SMART Board™ interactive display overlay. The interactive overlay fits on select soft- and hard-screen flat-panel displays and enables you to create an interactive learning center. Using the touch-sensitive protective glass overlay, you can access and control your computer applications, write in digital ink and then save your work into a single application. The overlay's whiteboarding capabilities mean your classroom lessons can be built upon and re-used.

SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay photo 2.Intuitive technology for any teaching style

The SMART Board interactive display overlay adapts perfectly to any teaching style. Depending on your class size and type of room, you can use the interactive overlay for breakout groups in small classrooms or informal learning spaces outside of the classroom. Adding the SMART Mobile Stand makes your SMART Board interactive display overlay portable so you can move the entire solution from room to room or to non-traditional learning spaces such as a lab, gym or cafeteria.





SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay photo 4.A good fit for many classrooms

The SMART Board interactive display overlay is designed to increase efficiency while maintaining simplicity. With a protective glass layer, the interactive overlay fits on select soft- and hard-screen flat-panel displays ranging from 40" to 65" (101.6 cm to 165.1 cm) in size. View a list of supported plasma or LCD panels.

The interactive overlay takes advantage of all the benefits of flat-panel displays. It features a wide-screen format, long product life and a small footprint, and doesn't require any consumables that need to be replaced such as projector bulbs or filters.

SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay photo 3.Design that’s full of potential

Adding the overlay transforms your flat-panel display into an interactive surface offering engaging visuals, a wide viewing angle and a widescreen format. You can use your finger as a mouse or the pens to write directly on the overlay in digital ink, open applications and access websites or other media types such as video. The buttons located on the pen tray activate the On-Screen Keyboard, right mouse button and the help function. You can save all your work in your own files or in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software - SMART’S award-winning software that provides a comprehensive library of lesson creation and delivery features as well as educational content, tools and support.

SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay photo 5.A touch-enabled screen

The SMART Board interactive display overlay uses SMART’s DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology to ensure precise touch without special tools or compromising image quality. With a protective glass layer, the overlay lets you experience interactivity with content on flat-panel display screen surfaces not suitable for direct touch. The anti-glare surface also protects your panel. Secure mounting brackets are included to attach the interactive overlay to your flat-panel display. The brackets will not damage the display.

SMART Board interactive display overlay features

SMART Notebook collaborative software included
SMART Board interactive display overlays come with SMART Notebook collaborative software, which sets the standard for creating, teaching and managing interactive classroom material within a single application.

Touch system
DViT technology lets you use your finger as a mouse and to write on the screen - without special tools or reduction in image quality. DViT technology uses cameras to track contact on the screen.

SMART pen tray
Sensors detect when a pen or eraser tool is picked up from the SMART Pen Tray. Buttons on the tray also let you to choose an On-Screen Keyboard or right mouse button.

SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay photo 6.

Digital ink
Simply pick up a pen to write in digital ink. You can even use your finger to write. No special tools are required, and you don't have to launch any software. Just walk up to the interactive whiteboard and start writing.

Save function
Capture your work to Notebook software as a screen shot that you can edit, or save your notes directly into several software applications, including Windows versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel, or into AutoCAD software and Mac OS.

Flexible design
With a protective glass layer, the SMART Board for Flat-Panel Displays interactive whiteboard fits on select soft and hard-screen flat-panel displays ranging from 40" to 65" (101.6 to 165.1 cm), including Panasonic and Samsung.

SMART Board interactive whiteboard tools
Add even more features and flexibility to your interactive whiteboard session. Customize settings, type with the On-Screen Keyboard, write over digital video and much more. Features include LinQ software, Start Center, SMART Video Player, SMART Recorder, Floating Tools and Spotlight.

Protective surface
The touch-friendly surface (chemical and scratch resistant) reduces glare and protects your display

Display control strip
Control your panel setting from the interactive overlay

PDF File Icon SMART Board Interactive Display Overlay Data Sheet

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