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AvidXchange™ Includes a “Collaboration Stairatorium” and More in Its New Charlotte Campus

By Diane Hagan Download the PDF Mission: AvidXchange wanted the design of the collaboration spaces in its new Charlotte campus to reflect the concert experience of venues in the AvidXchange…

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3 Reasons an Experienced Integrator Embraced AV over IP

By Greg Aradjan and Diane Hagan The AV over IP movement started about 10 years ago when Google acquired YouTube, and ever since, the world has become obsessed with information….

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Sound Masking for Speech Privacy in Open Offices and Healthcare Environments

By Heather Corbin and Diane Hagan Open floor spaces are now the rage.  Their trendy, minimalist design appears artsy and chic, which may impress a visiting client, but working without…

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Revolutionizing the Workplace with Cisco Spark Board

Employees today want to be more collaborative, but they say they don’t have access to
the right tools. In fact, one out of every two believes meetings are a complete waste of
time. In response to this need and to offer an entry level solution for small and mid-sized conference rooms, Cisco announced a new solution they feel can revolutionize the workplace—the Spark Board used in conjunction with their popular Spark platform. Learn how Spark Board far exceeds all other whiteboards by offering a capacitive touch surface and superior security and privacy.

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How the Cloud is Simplifying Ad-Hoc Communications for the Finance Industry

Financial institutions have historically been slow to adopt technology-based solutions. The industry can’t afford to put sensitive information and customer service at risk.

However, advances in cloud security and demand from the public are pushing ad-hoc communications into the limelight and changing the way the industry does business.

Learn how cloud-based solutions and video communication platforms are providing financial institutions with efficient ways to use capital and cut costs while also delivering quality service.

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Rutgers Builds Telepresence Classrooms to Bring Instruction to Students

By Diane Hagan At Rutgers University, students rely on the school’s transportation system to shuffle them to classes at any of its four locations across New Brunswick, NJ. In fact,…

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Information Flow and Knowledge Transfer: The Cornerstones of Every Successful Collaboration Project

Information flow and knowledge transfer are critical to every successful audio visual or unified communications deployment. Without them, breakdowns in communication can easily happen. Then, deadlines can be missed or even worse, the room that’s delivered may not be what was requested. Learn how IVCi Project, our one-of-a-kind tool, enables us to consistently deliver best-in-class project management and an excellent end-user experience.

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Build Better AV Rooms, Design Smarter with 3D Modeling

Measure twice, cut once. When creating an AV solution, getting the design right before implementation is critical to containing costs. Avoid last minute changes requiring costly reconstruction. Build it perfectly the first time with 3D modeling.

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IVCi Salutes Greg Farley for His Dedication and Service

  Take intelligence and mix it with a passion for physical exertion, a calling to serve, and a desire for challenge and you’ve got the basic ingredients of Greg Farley,…

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What is Call Control?

Call control is the communication process to connect, maintain, route and terminate connections between endpoints. From a video conferencing perspective, it provides intelligent traffic and routing and is required for…

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What is Latency?

Latency is the amount of time it takes for the video traffic sent to reach its final destination and is typically caused by network congestion. If it is taking awhile…

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What is Jitter?

Jitter is the difference in time it takes for data packets to reach their final destination and is usually caused by congestion on the network. Packets arrive with different timing…

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What is Packet Loss?

Packet loss is when one or more of the data packets being sent fail to reach their final destination and is usually caused by congestion on the network. Packets are…

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What is SVC?

Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is a form of compression technology that allows high definition video to be sent across networks in an efficient manner. It dynamically adjusts call quality in…

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What is H.323?

H.323 is a protocol to provide audio visual communication on a packet network and is the standard protocol for most major video conferencing manufacturers such as Polycom, Cisco, and LifeSize….

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What is SIP?

SIP is a protocol that enables the communication and connection of devices across networks. It is an older protocol designed for closed systems that would connect via gateways to other…

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What is Firewall Traversal?

A firewall is an added layer of security on private networks; it essentially keeps unwanted network traffic away by only allowing traffic that conforms to a set of predefined rules….

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What is AVC?

Advanced Video Coding (AVC) is a form of compression technology that allows high definition video to be sent across networks in an efficient manner. AVC compression sends video at a…

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What is Interoperability?

Interoperability is the ability to make systems and organizations work together; or in the video sense, the ability for two video conferencing systems to connect with each other. Systems that…

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What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a browser-based standard that enables real-time audio and video in a web browser without the need for downloads or plugins. WebRTC is still being refined and has not…

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