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Video Conferencing for Education

By integrating visual collaboration solutions into their curriculum, educational institutions can deliver quality education to more students in less time. The result is reduced costs, improved productivity, and increased student satisfaction.

Enhanced Distance Learning Programs

Virtual classrooms can be utilized to provide a robust learning experience similar to that of a traditional classroom. Students can join a virtual classroom and listen to the professor’s lecture while simultaneously viewing the presentation. Students can easily engage and interact with professors and their peers, as well as participate in group discussions. Additionally, professors can set up separate virtual rooms designed for group work or breakout sessions.

Virtual Field Trips or Guest Speakers

Mobile telepresence carts can connect students with video enabled learning institutions, such as aquariums or zoos, across the country for a unique and interactive learning experience. Additionally, distinguished professors and industry leaders around the world can present and interact with students without the need for costly, time consuming business travel.

Professional Development for Educators

Visual collaboration solutions can be used to connect educators for professional development seminars or other discussions. Educators can meet to discuss best practices, trends, and other issues without the hassle of driving to a central location. Additionally, learning institutions can record and distribute these meetings through Video-on-Demand, making the material available for those who were unable to attend the seminar.

Video Collaboration in Education

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