Improve Patient Outcomes

Visual Collaboration for Healthcare

By integrating visual collaboration solutions into their practice, health care organizations can take advantage of a workflow solution designed to deliver greater care to more patients in less time. The result is reduced costs, improved productivity and increased patient satisfaction.

Access Specialists Quickly

Health care organizations can utilize visual collaboration solutions to help connect patients to specialists. This helps provide a timely and accurate diagnosis; especially in remote clinics or overcrowded hospitals. Telemedicine solutions allow remote doctors to review CT scans, X-Rays and other diagnostics tests quickly so they can make real-time decisions on initial treatment. Additionally, with remote specialists on hand patients can stay in one facility to get the care they need instead of being transferred to a specialist’s location.

Reduce Readmissions through Remote Follow Ups

Instead of going back to the hospital for follow up visits, or skipping the follow up all together, recovering patients can follow up with their doctor or nurse over video. All patients need is a webcam and they can securely connect to their health care provider over video through their web browser. This can help decrease unnecessary re-hospitalizations through better communication between providers and care-givers or patients. If a patient has forgotten their care instructions, the details can be delivered again via real-time video collaboration.

Create Operational Efficiencies

Visual collaboration solutions can be implemented to connect remote administrators and hospital staff to create operational efficiencies. Managers can meet to discuss best practices, trends and other issues without the hassle of driving to a central location and administrators can easily connect with representatives at health benefits organizations to discuss patient benefits or resolve issues with claims. Additionally, physicians and other specialists can collaborate on treatment options, best approaches and the latest statistics and medical studies with virtual tumor boards.

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Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase patient satisfaction.

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