Greater Outreach, Better Outcomes

With Video Collaboration from IVCi it’s never been easier to: Access Specialists Quickly. Reduce Readmissions. And Increase Operational Efficiencies.

VIDEO COLLABORATION extends & enhances the Healthcare Provider-Patient relationship. It allows for monitoring & diagnoses remotely, saving time for everyone. But it also allows for much more, including: making distances disappear, facilitating R&R, having a convenient central location – everywhere, and with remote visual teams and consulting.

"Health spas, stone fireplaces, and five-star restaurant chefs are amenities increasingly found… in U.S. hospitals eager to improve their patient-experience scores that now affect Medicare reimbursements. While investing in such material assets is easily done and provides immediate gratification, findings from our research using six years of data from nearly 3,000 acute-care hospitals suggest that it is the communication between caregivers and patients that has the largest impact on reducing readmissions."

- Harvard Business Review 9/23/15
Making Distances Disappear

Physicians and fellow practitioners can connect from faraway offices, during a procedure, or even via a tablet while on the road. Managers can discuss current issues or best practices with their distant counterparts. Important content can be easily shared, from meeting highlights to suggested changes to a treatment regimen. And administrators can convene with staff, associates, board members, or suppliers, no matter where they are.

Facilitating R&R

Recovering patients can rest and recuperate at home, and stay at home, by instantly and securely connecting to their healthcare provider with video – easily delivered through their own web browser.

Have A Convenient Central Location… Everywhere

Critical treatment options can be discussed in real time with specialists -- whether they’re across the state, or across the country. Admin can stay in place and hold a multi-person, multi-location video meeting to conveniently resolve pressing issues like insurance claims or new staff requirements.

Remote Visual Teamwork & Consulting

not only provides significantly greater outreach, it can provide better outcomes. And not just for patients. It makes a difference for staff, individual hospitals, larger hospital groups, and the largest healthcare companies, too.

Find out how visual collaboration can help improve patient care in your organization.

Reduce costs, improve productivity and increase patient satisfaction.

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How Can IVCI Help?

Our team will design and implement a comprehensive collaboration environment based on the unique needs and requirements of your organization.

Let us know your business objectives and we will create the perfect custom solution for your specific organization and video environment’s needs.

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