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Video Conferencing for Local and State Governments

With budget-strapped local and state governments, the need for reliable and cost-effective communication tools has become increasingly necessary. Today’s visual collaboration tools can provide affordable and easy to use solutions that can improve communication while increasing productivity and widening access among agencies.

Reduce Response Times

State and local agencies are always looking for ways to improve response times and improve communication in emergency situations. Video conferencing services allow emergency responders in the field to quickly and accurately provide real-time feedback to their base of operations. This instant face-to-face communication can improve emergency management, response training, and command post communications in times of critical need.

Improve Operational Efficiency

When attending to citizen services, many agencies put a strong focus on improving the reach and quality of these offerings. Video collaboration solutions can improve operational efficiency and citizen satisfaction by extending the reach and quality of services to wherever citizens are located. Video conferencing can also drive internal efficiency through secure collaboration among geographically dispersed personnel and multiple agencies.

Simplify Collaboration

In the past, video conferencing was believed to be reserved for agencies with large budgets and large IT teams. However, today video conferencing solutions and services provide cost-effective, easy to use solutions that can be used at any level of government. These tools allow individuals to connect face-to-face at any time, from any device, and from any location, seamlessly. This functionality and ease of use can reduce travel costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity agency-wide.

The Future of e-Government

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