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Accordent PresenterPRO

PresenterPro Enterprise Edition is the cornerstone of Accordent's Enterprise Platform, a modular software solution designed with industrial strength features for the most demanding live or on-demand rich media presentations.

PresenterPRO Enterprise Edition features a proven architecture for seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and add-in modules offer unmatched levels of customization.

The right tools make it easy.

  • The Presentation Wizard guides you step-by-step through the process of creating customized presentations
  • Choose your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and PresenterPRO EE converts it for web distribution in seconds
  • Include chat, polling, surveys, trivia, and "e-mail a question" functionality with a click of a button
  • Configure the presentation to include slide navigation and custom branding with the click of a button
  • Choose from the provided interfaces, or create your own

A flexible platform that ensures compatibility as you grow.

  • PresenterPRO EE supports Microsoft and Real media players
  • Leverage world-class hosting networks of your choice - including internal caching hardware
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Netscape browsers
  • Supports Windows, Unix, and Linux servers

Advanced functionality with unparalleled versatility.

  • Create customized branded interfaces in minutes
  • Create registration pages and collect essential audience information
  • Archive and publish a presentation in minutes

Accordent PresenterPRO Features and Advantages

Features   Advantages
Wizard based workflow   PresenterPRO EE utilizes a proprietary work-flow that is wizards based and requires absolutely no hand coding. Quite simply, there is no easier way to get your message and brand onto the web.
Time bar for instant edits   Accordent's intuitive time bar records synchronized events and enables content authors to make precise edits.
Create & publish interactive content   Create polling questions, surveys, facts, and Q&A without hand coding and publish interactive content with the click of a button. Results are tabulated in real time and can be displayed to or hidden from the audience.
Auto-conversion of PowerPoint slides   PresenterPRO EE will convert standard PowerPoint slides into either jpeg or gif format.
Video On Demand viewer in Presentation Manager   PresenterPRO EE includes a video window that enables the content author to review on demand video files while synchronizing or editing non streaming content.
One-click publishing to CD   With the click of a button, a customized presentation can be prepared for CD distribution.
One-click content targeting   Target the Content and Browser windows with URLs, Flash, jpegs, gifs, and even e-commerce opportunities.
PresenterPRO encoder controls   Launch and control your encoders directly from PresenterPRO EE.
Auto-Chaptering & Indexing   Create chapters and tables of contents using slides, URLs, or custom criteria. Chapters can be created automatically or at custom intervals.
Template resource center   Get additional templates created by Accordent and the PresenterPRO EE community directly through PresenterPRO EE.
Built in email and technical support   Use the Help drop down menu to access online and email support.
XML configuration files for saving settings   Use XML configuration files to save publishing settings for later use or to email to a third party. These files will re-populate all of the publishing fields.
Built on standards   PresenterPRO EE is standards-based and easily installs on any Windows based system.
No client-side plug in   Presenter PRO EE will publish presentations to an audience without any client-side plug-in or additional download requirement so you can reach the widest possible audience.
On demand Windows and RealMedia support   PresenterPRO EE is designed to work with your legacy infrastructure and supports all Windows Media and RealMedia files (unlimited length).
CDN Integration   Leverage word-class hosting networks of your choice—including international.
Browser Support   Compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape browsers.
Compatible with any web server (PHP and ASP)   PresenterPRO EE is compatible with any web server (PHP and ASP).
Platform Support   Supports Windows, Unix and Linux servers.
Convert slides to jpeg or gif   PresenterPRO EE automatically will convert standard PowerPoint slides into jpeg or gif format for distribution over the Web.
Full URL support   PresenterPRO EE enables content authors to incorporate fully interactive URLs and web tours into on demand presentations.
Interactive contentt   PresenterPRO EE enables the content author to create and publish surveys, trivia, facts and Q&A. All answers are tabulated in real time without requiring a database.
Encoders included   PresenterPRO EE includes the Windows Media Encoder and RealNetworks RealSystem Producer Basic which can be controlled entirely through PresenterPRO EE.
Import content   Import previously created Windows Media or RealMedia files and synchronization files for easy version control and re-purposing of legacy content.
Advanced Templates   Create custom templates with unique functionality, such as closed captioning, and manage those templates through PresenterPRO EE. Virtually any type of functionality can be included.
Mark In and Mark Out   Crop unwanted content from the beginning or end of a presentation without hand coding or third party editing software.
Passive and active mode FTP support   PresenterPRO EE includes passive and active mode FTP support so that you can leverage standard FTP servers or UNC paths when publishing presentations.
Firewall, Socks, and Proxy FTP Support   Even if you are behind the most stringent firewall, Presenter PRO EE is flexible enough to get your presentation onto the Internet with Firewall, Socks, and Proxy FTP support.

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Accordent projects across the country and around the world. As with the other streaming video products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Accordent product line.

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For video conferencing solution pricing or additional information regarding Accordent PresenterPRO, please call us at 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

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