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Accordent Streaming Video Solutions

Impact and Value

Accordent Technologies provides best-in-class software applications for the creation, distribution and management of rich media presentations. Accordent's software is easy to use, standards-based and provides a high degree of automation to enable the easy capture of live training sessions, which can then be distributed live, and/or edited and distributed on demand.

Accordent provides effective solutions for real-time communications and on demand training/learning initiatives within any type of organization, including:

  • Distance learning, by recreating a classroom or meeting experience for a live on-line audience.
  • On demand access to classroom and training content that has been recorded, allowing greater retention of critical training material, leading to a better educated student population/workforce.
  • Training sessions that can be recorded in one location, and then leveraged throughout an entire organization, providing a consistent learning environment across global organizations.
  • Content Management, Media Management Suite is a web-based solution that enables administrators to effectively publish, manage, and organize Accordent presentations. This also enables authorized viewers easy access to information and presentations. The various solutions include:
    • Media Management System
      Provides a custom portal and administrative console for creating portal groups and sub-categories, managing content within the portal and managing user access rights. Also includes search features that enable authorized viewers to search for and locate precise presentations and sections of presentations.
    • Accordent User Authentication & Tracking
      Enables administrators to secure content with custom registration pages and log-in permissions, to authenticate viewers, and to track precise viewer progress. Can be integrated into an LDAP directory and facilitates real-time user tracking through individual presentations or over the course of several presentations.
    • Accordent Event Scheduling
      Centralizes the process for users to schedule events and reserve required resources. Includes the ability to schedule recurring events with and without exceptions.
    • Accordent Evaluation & Certification
      Enables users to create online tests, track audience performance and issue performance-based certifications.
    • Accordent Enhanced Media Reporting
      Enables content owners to collect essential feedback on content performance and audience behavior including content popularity, average length of time viewed and peak viewer times and dates.
    • Accordent Database Integration
      Integration with 3rd party systems such as LMS solutions, allowing existing investments to be leveraged and enhanced by the Accordent product suite.
    • Accordent Web-Based PPT Upload & Synch
      Enables remote presenters to upload and synchronize slides from a PC or laptop. No additional Accordent software is required to be installed prior to presenting.

Accordent Value

Accordent Technologies can provide substantial value to an organization in terms of both cost savings and productivity gains. Defining business value in quantitative terms will require further analysis and vary for every organization. There are many compelling business advantages that ALL organizations benefit from when deploying Accordent solutions.

  • Accordent's pricing model allows organizations to create an unlimited amount of content for an unlimited number of viewers, without incurring additional costs. This model is particularly compelling to organizations that have had to deal with web conferencing and ASP models which, unlike the Accordent model, include incremental charges for distribution to large audiences and for increased usage.
  • The ease of use and automation built into Accordent products greatly reduces or eliminates the learning curve for presenters and trainers to capture rich media content.
  • The ability to record important content captured in studios, conference rooms, auditoria and training rooms, allows employees, students, partners and investors to watch (and re-watch) content they missed
  • The ability to provide key information in a timely and consistent way, to leverage intellectual assets across the organization, to empower employees with just-in-time, just-enough training, leads to cost savings and greater productivity per employee as well as faster training of new hires and higher employee retention rates
  • Accordent's integration with existing web, streaming and network infrastructure (both internal and external) as well as with existing CMS and LMS systems leverages investments in a cost effective way
  • Online training and other communications (such as marketing webinars, partner briefings etc.), significantly reduces travel costs and can eliminate instructor, facility and production fees
  • Tracking of end user content access and comprehension can provide evidence of company efforts to adhere to laws and policies and thus prevent future litigations.

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Accordent projects across the country and around the world. As with the other streaming video products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Accordent product line.

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