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Telepresence system photo: Polycom ATX.

What is telepresence?

Whether you are new to video conferencing or are looking to upgrade your current solution, you have probably come across the term 'telepresence' in your research. Telepresence is a groundbreaking telecommunications offering which is setting new standards for visual collaboration.

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A virtual meeting experience unlike any other, telepresence systems create the illusion that remote participants are in the same room together. This effect is created by a close configuration of large screen video monitors, hidden high-definition cameras strategically placed to create the appearance of direct eye contact, consistent furniture arrangements across locations, and limited user interaction with the technology. All the participant has to do is walk into the room, and a life-like meeting between participants across the U.S. or the globe can begin.

As you might imagine, this type of video conferencing system is at the high-end of the solutions available on the market today. This is due in part to the high quality images that are delivered with at least three high-definition codecs. Additionally, some solutions provide a completely immersive experience, since they come with a "room within a room" design. The result is a meeting so true to life, participants often feel as if it actually took place face-to-face.

The cost of a telepresence solution has recently come down slightly, and will vary depending on the manufacturer. And of course, to work effectively you will need to invest in more than one telepresence room. However, many telepresence systems are now standards based, so they are compatible with other desktop or room based video conferencing solutions that may already exist within your organization.

Telepresence system photo 2: Cisco TelePresence Solutions photo.

Is telepresence right for my company?

Telepresence was originally introduced as a top-of-the-line video conferencing solution designed for high-level executive meetings. The idea was to create a conference room environment that delivered an experience so true to life an executive could use the solution instead of spending time and money traveling to meetings. A company would make the investment because the return would justify the expense.

A telepresence system can certainly benefit upper-management, but it is also useful for other levels of management. Like traditional video conferencing, telepresence can enhance collaboration, resulting in more efficient meetings. And once management realizes the benefits of telepresence, this positive attitude could permeate throughout the organization, resulting in an increased use of other video systems.

If you decide telepresence is right for your company, important factors to consider include your budget and the amount of bandwidth you have available to allocate to video. You will also need to decide whether to use a dedicated in-house IT team to manage the equipment, the network, and the users, or if it makes more sense to outsource this task to an experienced service provider like IVCi.

Telepresence system photo 3: Polycom OTX 300.

How do I get started?

If you decide that telepresence could be a good fit for your company, your next step should be to schedule a demo of the solution through IVCi, since this is the best way to understand the full potential of a telepresence system.

IVCi is a Platinum certified reseller of both Polycom and TANDBERG telepresence solutions, and we have expertise in integrating these systems with any existing video conferencing solution your company may have. We also provide managed conferencing services, including a 24/7 VNOC that fully supports telepresence systems.

We will work closely with you to make sure that your solution meets your organization's unique requirements. Call us at 1-800-224-7083 or email us at info@ivci.com to get started now.

Telepresence Installation, Maintenance and Support

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support telepresence, video conferencing, audio visual, and IP network projects across the country and around the world. IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for video conferencing, audio visual, and IP network sales, installation, service, management and support.

Cisco TelePresence Systems

Cisco TelePresence System TX9000 photo 1.

Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series

The Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series raises the standard for "in-person" collaboration. The three-screen telepresence systems feature a new, state-of-the-art industrial design that allows the most natural interactions possible among participants and helps lower the total cost of ownership.
Cisco TelePresence TX9000 Series (Continued)

Cisco TelePresence System 3210 photo 1.

Cisco TelePresence System 3210

For large, distributed organizations striving to succeed in today's global economy, the Cisco TelePresence System 3210 brings the power of Cisco TelePresence technology to larger room venues. Ideal for headquarters sites or large regional offices, the system allows large teams to meet and collaborate virtually using this solution when many of the team members are in one physical location.
Cisco TelePresence System 3210 (Continued)

Cisco TelePresence System 3200 photo 1.

Cisco TelePresence System 3200

The Cisco TelePresence System 3200 enables organizations to host up to 18 meeting participants in a single large room. Ideal for large team meetings, cross functional meetings or training events, the Cisco TelePresence System 3200 delivers the superior video, audio and environmental features that create the immersive, face-to-face Cisco TelePresence experience.
Cisco TelePresence System 3200 (Continued)

Cisco TelePresence System 3010 photo 1.

Cisco TelePresence System 3010

The Cisco TelePresence System 3010 provides a boardroom-style table that seats 6 participants on each side, providing a “virtual” table for 12 participants in a point-to-point meeting, or up to 372 participants in a multipoint session. The system provides an optimized experience through integrated equipment, including three 65-inch plasma screens; spatial audio; microphones; lighting; integrated Ethernet and power; and multiple ultra-highdefinition codecs and cameras, all of which have been specially tuned to the large-group environment to optimize your experience.
Cisco TelePresence System 3010 (Continued)

Cisco TelePresence System 3000 photo 1.

Cisco TelePresence System 3000

The Cisco TelePresence System 3000 is an ideal endpoint for large group meetings, creating an environment for six people to meet in one location, and to be "virtually" joined by six additional people for a total of 12 TelePresence meeting participants. The Cisco TelePresence System 3000 is suitable for uses such as customer engagements, presentations to small or large groups, supply-chain dealings, press briefings, operational or engineering reviews, negotiations, or regular team meetings.
Cisco TelePresence System 3000 (Continued)

Cisco TelePresence Technology Video

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Polycom Telepresence Systems

Polycom ATX telepresence solution photo 1.

Polycom ATX

Designed for integrators to efficiently deploy turnkey multi-codec telepresence systems across a wide range of customer environments, the Polycom® Architected Telepresence Experience™ (Polycom ATX™) system is a complete solution that includes industry-leading codecs, cameras, and microphone arrays for creating life-like HD telepresence experiences.
Polycom ATX (Continued)

Polycom OTX 300 telepresence solution photo 1.

Polycom OTX 300

Uniquely enabling people to work more effectively across distances, the Polycom® Open Telepresence Experience™ (Polycom OTX™) solution can enhance the productivity of your organization's key resources and, through Polycom's strong commitment to open standards, natively integrate with best-in-breed unified communications (UC) tools and environments.
Polycom OTX 300 (Continued)

Polycom OTX 300 Video

Polycom OTX 100 telepresence solution photo 1.

Polycom OTX 100

The Polycom OTX 100 solution is perfect for smaller meeting rooms or offices, and seats 4 participants on video. The Polycom OTX 100 Compact solution includes the same “video wall” and core technology as the standard Polycom OTX 100 model, but does not include the table so users can select their own furniture to match their environments.
Polycom OTX 100 (Continued)

Polycom OTX 100 Video

Polycom RPX HD Telepresence solution photo.

Polycom RPX HD

The Polycom RealPresence Experience High Definition (RPX HD) Telepresence System offers unprecedented high-definition video in a cinematic view, extraordinary StereoSurround audio and high resolution content in a truly immersive telepresence environment that will provide the ultimate meeting experience for executives in any organization, linking sites across the globe.
Polycom RPX HD (Continued)

Polycom TPX HD 306M telepresence solution photo.

Polycom TPX HD 306M

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call
1-800-224-7083 for additional information.

The Polycom TPX HD 306M Telepresence System provides an outstanding high definition telepresence solution that utilizes three high definition 60 inch plasmas that create the illusion of being in the same room
Polycom TPX HD 306M (Continued)

Polycom Telepresence Solutions Video

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TANDBERG Telepresence Systems

Telepresence system photo 8 TANDBERG Telepresence T3.

TANDBERG Telepresence T3

The TANDBERG Telepresence T3 system is the ultimate Telepresence experience. Exclusive, immersive and simple, the T3 provides the rich experience of gathering in a well-appointed room for a life-like, face-to-face meeting without leaving the office. Experience through design. Nordic-sky inspired blue walls create openness while making participants appear almost in 3-D. The specialized lighting brings out a more natural appearance while the warm wood walls complete the exclusive ambience.
TANDBERG Telepresence T3 (Continued)

Telepresence system photo 8 TANDBERG Telepresence T3.

TANDBERG Telepresence T3 Custom Edition

Extending telepresence to creative spaces doesn't mean losing the immersive in-person feeling, nor the intuitive connectivity, nor the ability to call who you want, when you want. The TANDBERG T3 Custom Edition brings the award-winning technology of the Telepresence T3 to tailored installation that meets a diverse range of customer requirements.
TANDBERG Telepresence T3 Custom Edition (Continued)

Telepresence system photo 4 TANDBERG Experia.


This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call
1-800-224-7083 for additional information.

Experia, the adaptive telepresence solution from TANDBERG, creates the optimal across the table visual communication experience. Quad 50” plasma screens, TANDBERG's Precision HD cameras and directional CD-quality audio combine to provide a highly interactive forum for collaboration. With the simple touch of a button, plan strategies, strengthen relationships and finalize decisions with executives from around the globe.
TANDBERG Experia (Continued)

TANDBERG Telepresence T1 photo.

TANDBERG Telepresence T1

TANDBERG Telepresence T1 allows your customers to walk into an executive conference room and conduct meetings as if everyone were in the same room. It's that easy. With true-to-life, 1080p quality and optimal detail to enable collaboration, they won't miss a thing...all without ever leaving the office or executive conference room. With optimal camera height, an enormous LCD screen and crystal-clear video, the TANDBERG Telepresence T1 delivers an unparalleled user experience and allows executives to truly see eye-to-eye.
TANDBERG Telepresence T1 (Continued)

TANDBERG Telepresence Interoperability Video

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