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Leading Health Benefits Company Increases Video Conferencing Use With Managed Video Experience (MVE)

IVCi Video Conferencing Case Study

By Nina Parker


A multi-billion dollar health benefits company installed video conferencing to facilitate communication among its dozens of locations throughout the United States. Executive, operations, actuarial, finance, marketing, and sales meetings, employee reviews, and nursing seminars were to be conducted over video on a regular basis. Video was also intended to be used as a key tool in expediting the company's numerous mergers and acquisitions. However, actual use of the technology was limited because staff members found it unreliable and difficult to use.

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The company needed to improve the user's experience so that more employees would choose video as a means of collaboration. Once usage increased, the company planned to show a return on its investment with reduced travel time and expenses, enhanced meeting productivity, and improved collaboration. It also wanted to incorporate video into its green initiatives to reduce car and air travel, as part of an overall effort to reduce carbon emissions.


Industry expert IVCi was chosen to deliver a service that would increase the use of video conferencing by making it consistent, dependable, and easy to use. IVCi's Managed Video Service (MVE) was implemented for complete management of all aspects of video conferencing, including a single scheduling process and a video architected IP network.

MVE made it possible for an employee to schedule a meeting, then just show up to the conference room and have it start. The user did not have to touch the technology because every aspect of the video call (including any troubleshooting) was managed by IVCi.

We are focused on being a green company, and video conferencing along with other technologies we have implemented has helped us achieve this.”


Since IVCi deployed its managed service, video conferencing use by the company grew in excess of 400%. "IVCi has shown us that video conferencing can be highly reliable," said the company's senior video conferencing advisor. "In fact, reliability increased from 67% all the way to 99.7 %. This has helped us grow video conferencing usage because people realize that their calls are going to be launched successfully and stay up the entire time; it's going to be a nice, clean call. The overall user experience has greatly improved."

As video conferencing adoption has increased across the organization, travel between company locations has been reduced. One outcome of this is enhanced communication and increased efficiency, since staff members no longer have to spend valuable time and money traveling to meet face-to-face with other team members. "The travel is reduced - I think that companies of all sizes are always looking for ways to improve communication and reduce travel expenses. We have had a lot of requests from upper management to reduce travel costs, and we are able to point to video conferencing as a way to do that," the senior video conferencing advisor said.

IVCi has shown us that video conferencing can be highly reliable.”

Recently the company has implemented several green initiatives in an effort to become more environmentally conscious. The increased use of video conferencing has played a role in eliminating some of the company's carbon dioxide emissions, since employees were able to cut down on car and plane travel. "The reduction in CO2 emissions is something that IVCi tracks and reports for us," commented the senior video conferencing advisor. In fact, the company's efforts have earned it a top 10 ranking in a leading publication's list of green companies. "We are focused on being a green company, and video conferencing along with other technologies we have implemented has helped us achieve this." End of article.

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