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Internal view of the Vpod V3 telepresence suite.

Vpod Telepresence V3

The Vpod v3 facilitates the achievement of key business imperatives by giving the user the ability to communicate effectively; the ability to communicate globally and to allow people to interact regardless of their relative time and space; the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and ideas at the precise time of invention.

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The Vpod v3 is a unique standalone fully integrated telepresence environment. It is designed for use with high definition video conferencing equipment ensuring clarity of picture. It provides a consistent video conferencing environment ensuring a fully immersive and clear communication experience.

It includes auto adjusting fully controllable daylight lighting, acoustic protection, built-in air conditioning, HD ready technology and integrated furnishing. As a single v3 occupies only 7.54m², less than a standard single occupancy office, the rental burden on high value office space is minimal.

Video conferences are generally held in groups of 3-4 at each point, yet video conferencing equipment is principally installed in larger meeting rooms, therefore leaving usable space redundant for many hours and creating congestion in meeting facilities.

Vpod V3 Highlights

  • The V3 offers the perfect environmental setting for high definition video conferencing
  • Vpod is easy to install — it is pre-fabricated allowing swift deployment
  • It can be installed in a day anywhere in the world
  • The unique design of the V3 creates a positive and striking landmark in any environment
  • As a single V3 occupies only 7.54sqm, less than a standard single occupancy office, the rental burden on high value office space is minimal
  • It is demountable offering maximum spatial and financial flexibility
  • It is equipped to integrate with all video conferencing and telepresence systems technology
  • It is a fully controlled environment that is not affected by its surroundings and minimizes the risk of human error
External view of Vpod V3 telepresence solution photo 01.

Air Conditioning

The V3 has an integral air-conditioning unit that requires no external connectivity, negating the requirement for costly integration into existing HVAC and Building Management Systems. However, it can be connected to existing air conditioning systems if required. Temperature can be regulated via a simple control panel.


Daylight lighting is incorporated into the ceiling design. The lamps are diffused T5 lamps which have low failure rates and longevity of usage. The lighting control system automatically switches on as you enter the room and adjusts to the perfect lighting level for HD video conferencing. No matter where your V3's are located or how many calls you are linking into, the V3 guarantees an immersive “same room” experience. External feature halo up-lighting can be installed as an option.

Bespoke Graphics

The external shell of the V3 can be uniquely designed to embody an organisation's image, culture and identity. For those wishing to promote a message within their organisations, the V3 offers the ideal platform to do so. Whether it's a mission statement, a brand identity or an inspirational picture, the V3 can accommodate this in a bespoke solution for the design of the exterior. The graphics can be updated at any time for the refreshment of interiors and branding.

Media Integration

The need to share content and information is commonplace in video conferencing meetings. The V3 facilitates this through its media integration unit. This allows the user to display content from their laptop to other meeting delegates in remote locations.

Online Booking Facility

The V3 can be fitted with a room management system allowing local and global electronic room booking, which can be used not only for managing the booking of the facilities, but also to monitor and evaluate usage, providing valuable management reporting information. The user friendly touch screen panels display individual V3 bookings and allow the user to search availability of other rooms.

Integrated Technology

All consideration in the design of the V3 has been given to achieve the optimum lifelike experience. The V3 is installed with a 52” high definition 1080p lcd screen set at the ideal height for an accross the table lifelike experience. Professional microphones, speakers, amplifiers and remote sensors are pre-installed to assist in achieving a consistent experience across all Vpod products.

Vpod V3 Specifications

External view of Vpod V3 telepresence solution photo 02.

Power Requirement

  • 16amp power supply terminated at low level with a 16amp female

Guide Acoustic Data

  • Ambient Noise based on the participant zone 45dBA
  • HVAC 45dBA
  • Reverberation
  • Max 700ms
  • Airborne sound insulation from room to room 52dBA


  • DSI-SMART occupancy lighting system
  • Maintained illuminance/PIR sensor/control with infra-red
  • Lux level setting control between 0-800 lux
  • Colour temperature 4000
  • Emergency lighting to EN 50172:2004


  • 1.9Kw
  • Refrigerent R410A
  • Vpod HVAC unit utilises fresh air from environment outside of the Vpod. Check that existing environment has suitable fresh air
  • Ducted fresh air, extract and condensate extract can be connected to the Vpod


  • Total approx. weight (excluding codec and camera) 1300Kg
  • Linear loading 2.6kN


  • Vpods components are manufactured in pre-frabricated sections
  • Components are packed into individual boxes for ease of installation
    • 1 Uni-Pod
    • 2 Duo-Pod
    • 3 Tri-Pod
    • 4 Quad-Pod

PDF File Icon Vpod Corporate Brochure

PDF File Icon Vpod Telepresence V6 Datasheet

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PDF File Icon Vpod Telepresence V1 Datasheet

PDF File Icon Vpod Telepresence Vstand Datasheet

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