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Vpod Telepresence

In a globalized world where time is precious and resource valued, Vpod solutions are introducing new and innovative products that facilitate fully immersive video conferencing and telepresence experiences.

Vpod Solutions is a global company setting trends in modern communication environments where video conferencing and telepresence technology is integrated into unique and cost effective stand alone rooms.

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Be Anywhere

With time and people being the most precious resources within an organisation, Vpod products give people more time; time to collaborate with colleagues, time with their teams, time to think and time to live — wherever they are.

There are relatively few organisations that promote video conferencing across their entire organisations as an available and universal operational tool, creating elite usage. The concept of the Vpod product range and its price point enable video conferencing to be offered to the wider organisational audience.

Vpod gives the individual the choice to meet with remote colleagues and clients without leaving their place of work. Vpod facilitates the use of video conferencing across an entire organisation by offering people accessible and user friendly environments in which to take advantage of high definition video conferencing technology.

Internal view of Vpod V3 telepresence suite.

Talk to Anyone — Effortlessly

Vpod products allow people to work independently of relative time zones and locations — empowering the individual with the choice of when and where to work. Vpod fosters a democratic environment within the workplace by offering what was once considered an executive tool to all.

Product Design

The Vpod product range fulfils an unmet need within the market in that they combine the built environment of a room with the infrastructure for high definition video conferencing in one package. The products can generally be installed in any workplace environment in a single day and can accommodate most leading video conferencing systems.

Vpod products dispel the fears that many corporate users have surrounding the use of video conferencing. Vpod products are designed for use with high definition video conferencing equipment ensuring clarity of picture. The products have been designed to ensure that lighting, acoustics and user positioning are all set at optimum levels for high definition video conferencing. The combination of the room design and the video conferencing technology ensures a lifelike conferencing experience.

Current video conferencing systems rarely get over the feeling that participants are extremely remote due to the disparity in the design of the environments in which participants are located. Vpod offers a common design to its environments facilitating a truly immersive conference experience.

The environmental design of Vpod products offer comfort and security, enabling meetings and discussions to be conducted calmly and discretely.

Vpod Telepresence Features and Benefits

  • Vpod products can be branded to embody the image culture and identity of their owners.
  • Vpod products create spatial value through their minimal area occupancy requirements.
  • No matter where they are located Vpods ensure a fully immersive, consistent and controlled video conferencing experience.
  • Vpod products deliver consistent communication hubs allowing clear communication and a reduction to the essential.

External view of Vpod V1 telepresence suite.

Vpod Telepresence Managed Service

Vpod products offer excellent value for money and they can be installed in any location. The video conferencing technology runs over IP, so once installed, Vpods have minimal operating costs. In addition to this, they do not require the replacement of any existing video conferencing equipment as they are technology agnostic.

Vpod offer their customers flexibility in the way in which they choose to purchase their products. Vpod products can either be purchased outright as a capital expenditure, or through a managed service contract as operational expenditure. Various levels of Managed Service contracts are available, from a simple Managed Financial Service Contract through to a fully outsourced Managed Service Contract including product, call launching, call-monitoring and concierge.

Where there is limited Capital budget available, the managed financial service is an attractive option.

Key Elements of Vpod Telepresence Managed Financial Service

  • The client can access the products without the requirement of capital budget.
  • The client will receive the product upon the agreement of the terms of the managed service and signing there of.
  • All servicing costs are included in the monthly charge. This will enable the client to drive through put and raise awareness of the products as incremental usage is free of charge.
  • Within the terms of the agreement there is unlimited usage of the pods.
  • The client have the option to renew the terms of the agreement, prior to the expiry of the initial term
  • The client also have the option to take a new managed service at the point of expiry at the market rate to replace the product with a new one if that is of benefit.
  • All servicing requests will be managed within a defined service level.


  • As a global company, Vpod solutions have a keen focus on the envirnment and the positive impact that their products can have. Vpod solutions are committed to making environmental responsibility a core element of their business and that of their customers.
  • For customers of Vpod solutions, the use of Vpod products can reduce their carbon footprint by enabling the swift deployment of video conferencing across their entire organisation at an affordable cost. They can use the purchases as a credible element of their corporate social responsibility programme. They can offer all of their employees a better quality of life through negating the need for business travel. Through the immersive nature of the environments, Vpod really does provide a viable travel replacement.
  • Vpod solutions strive to continually reduce the Company's overall environmental impact through company-wide green programs and policies. The cornerstone of their environmental programmes is their alliance with the charity Change for Climate Change. Vpod and CFCC are working together to ensure that each purchase of a Vpod product makes a positive contribution towards the mitigation of the effects of climate change, not only through Vpod product usage, but also through the contribution of part of their revenue to the charity.

Vpod Products

Vpod Telepresence V6

Vpod Telepresence V6 small photo.

The Vpod V6 has been designed to accommodate 6 person telepresence technology. It provides a fully immersive and integrated environment in which to place telepresence technology.
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Vpod Telepresence V3

Vpod Telepresence V3 small photo.

The Vpod V3 is a unique standalone fully integrated telepresence environment. It is designed for use with high definition video conferencing equipment ensuring clarity of picture.
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Vpod Telepresence V1

Vpod Telepresence V1 small photo.

The Vpod V1 challenges organizations to use video to rethink the way in which they do business. The Vpod V1 is not just about meetings; its for providing services, extending resource, dispensing talent and broadening the reach of people beyond conventional limitations.
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Vpod Telepresence Vstand small photo.

Vpod Telepresence Vstand

The Vpod Vstand has been designed specifically to support the Cisco Telepresence Systems, CTS 1100 and CTS 1300. It eliminates the need for costly and disruptive adaptations to walls and cable routes. It gives freedom to the positioning of the CTS technology allowing the user to place it anywhere in any room.
Learn More >

Vpod Ovei small photo.

Vpod Ovei

Designed for optimum comfort, sophisticated exclusivity and hi-tech functionality, the Vpod Ovei is a catalyst for a new genre of entertainment and information consumption: the Ovei defines immersive entertainment.
Learn More >

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PDF File Icon Vpod Telepresence Vstand Datasheet

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