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Polycom HDX 9000 Series

Make Great Things Happen with the Polycom HDX 9000 Series

Polycom HDX Series Named Top-Ranked High Definition Video Conferencing Solution Press Release

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The Polycom HDX 9000 Series provides the combined experience of the best end-to-end high definition voice, video and content sharing in point-to-point and multipoint video conferences; easy to use, including access to the highest quality of service, support and training.

In today's Internet driven world, the ability to conduct real time communication and collaboration has become critical to an organization's survival. As the market leader in voice, video, data and Web solutions, our award-winning conference technology makes it easy for people to interact and maximize productivity—over any network, in just about any environment, anywhere around the globe. That's why more organizations world-wide use and prefer Polycom conferencing solutions. Because when people work together, great things happen. See how you, too, can achieve great things with the Polycom HDX 9000 series.

The Polycom HDX 9004, Polycom HDX 9002 and Polycom HDX 9001 offer the highest level of audio and video performance. Whatever your application, Ultimate HD from Polycom starts with the performance of Polycom's high definition video codecs.

Experience Ultimate HD for yourself, take a look at the professional integrator's choice for Ultimate HD, the Polycom HDX 9004, Polycom HDX 9002 and the Polycom HDX 9001.

The new Polycom HDX 9000 Series offers a new level of video solution for customers who demand the very best in quality, flexibility, and usability.

Polycom HDX 9000 Series Codec photo.

When it comes to gaining a competitive edge, it's all about who has the ability to make better decisions,faster and more effectively. Your organization needs to be equipped to respond more quickly to customer demand, solve support issues, react to market opportunities, and battle competitive threats.

In today's global marketplace, only the absolute best will do—and Polycom's HDX product line is clearly the best, offering a video solution for nearly any application. It delivers the richest audio, clearest and sharpest video, most transparent technology, and easiest to use interface, all enhanced by world-class service and support. HDX products are built on High-Definition TV (HD TV) standards. In video conferencing, Dependances the overall viewing experience and eliminates meeting fatigue. Additionally, colors are more vibrant and realistic; movements are more sharp and smooth. This offers users the ability to interact more naturally,offering more than nine times the video quality of CIF video.

This exceptional user experience applies to sound, as well. Polycom's patent-pending Siren 22 heightens users' senses to new levels. HDX also incorporates Polycom's patented Stereo Surround technology, bringing new life to each call. For a truly in-person meeting experience, video participants can hear remote participants' voices in stereo through left and right speakers. Yet, all this is accomplished with a single HDX microphone array, powerful enough to pick up even a soft voice at the far end of the room and transmit it to everyone on the video call.

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The Polycom HDX 9000 Series was created by integrators, for integrators, offering the industry's highest level of flexibility and performance. Easily integrate a Polycom HDX 9000 product into a university auditorium with multiple cameras, projectors and displays. Create a unique and compelling C-level board-room, complete with touch-panel displays, recessed lighting and individual monitors for each participant. Or build a state-of-the-art training facility with DVD's that record each high definition video training, and HD document cameras to show local artifacts and documents. All of these meeting solutions—and more—are possible through integration using the Polycom HDX 9000 series and its powerful set of APIs coupled with an abundance of video and audio connectors.

Polycom HDX 9000 Series Key Features:

  • Up to 1280 x 720 resolution at 30fps (720p)
  • Maximum bandwidth: 6 Mbps for HDX 9004; 4 Mbps for HDX 9002 and HDX 9001
  • 5 HD video inputs (HDX 9004) / 4 (HDX 9002/HDX 9001), all with professional connectors: HDCI, Component (YbPbR), and DVI, along with professional Phoenix audio connectors
  • Professional grade connectors including BNC video and Phoenix audio connectors
  • Sophisticated set of APIs for custom room designs and applications
  • Ability to add peripherals such as HD-DVD, VCR, HD document camera, recording devices
  • POTS connection brings additional telephone or cell phone caller directly into the conference without tying up the conference phone
  • Supports any type of video display; plasmas, projectors, and LCDs

Polycom HDX 9000 Series Options:

  • Polycom EagleEye high definition camera offers flexibility with a 12x optical zoom, 72-degree viewing angle, and panning radius of 180 degrees
  • 4-way MPPlus enables the Polycom HDX 9000 series to have 4 port bridge capability
  • 8-way MPPlus enables the Polycom HDX 9004 to have 8 port bridge capability
  • Polycom People On Content—Presentations come alive when the presenter becomes part of the presentation
  • Polycom Vortex audio mixer allows for a variety of acoustical configurations to fit the need of any conference room or auditorium
  • Polycom Executive Collection - stylish carts and displays that complement any executive meeting room, classroom, or boardroom

Polycom HDX 9000 Series Models

Polycom HDX 9000 Series integrator solutions come in three models: Polycom HDX 9004, Polycom HDX 9002 and Polycom HDX 9001. All models deliver the highest quality voice, video and content sharing available in the market today. Combining power, performance and flexibility, these systems are the ultimate integrator's codec and can be used to create a multitude of unique video conferencing environments that enable organizations to get to market faster, save valuable time and resources, and gain a competitive edge.

Polycom HDX 9004

True high definition quality in a professional design. The Polycom HDX 9004 offers 1280 x 720 (720p) resolution with over nine times the video quality of CIF video. For complete flexibility in room design, the Polycom HDX 9004 has 5 high definition video inputs and 4 professional video outputs.
Learn more about the Polycom HDX 9004>

Polycom HDX 9002

When users demand simple integration and the highest video quality, the Polycom HDX 9002 answers. This quality is found in the Polycom HDX 9002. Offering 720p (1280x720) high definition resolution at 30 fps with over nine times the video quality of CIF video is just the start of features in the Polycom HDX 9002.
Learn more about the Polycom HDX 9002>

Polycom HDX 9001

The Polycom HDX 9001 is a perfect fit for the conference room that needs the flexibility of multiple camera and audio inputs. Professional video and audio inputs and outputs make the Polycom HDX 9001 an integrator's choice.
Learn more about the Polycom HDX 9001>

Polycom Platinum Partner logo IVCi is a Certified Polycom Platinum Reseller and Telepresence Certified Plus Partner. We are one of only a handful of resellers nationwide recognized with these distinctions for our superior service and support of Polycom's integrated, end-to-end voice, video conferencing, telepresence, Web and data communications solutions. In 2005 IVCi became a Polycom Certified Service Partner (CSP), the highest level of certification a channel partner can receive from Polycom, which requires consistent compliance with a comprehensive set of methodologies designed to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Polycom projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Polycom product line.

Polycom HDX Series Video Sample at 1024 Kbps

Polycom HDX 9000 Series

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Press Release IconPolycom HDX Series Named Top-Ranked High Definition Video Conferencing Solution Press Release

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