Polycom RPX 200 Series & 400 Series Features & Benefits

Polycom RPX 200 and RPX 400 Series: Environment Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit Advantage
Free standing, modular, integrated luxury environment Simple and rapid assembly at the location. Minimal or no facility costs. Easy to use luxury meeting place you would expect in the finest establishments. No permits for installation (on-site assembly not construction) with the ability to relocate it as needed. Minimal or no integration worries, is pre-tested - it just works!
Acoustically and optically tuned A quiet comfortable controlled environment organized and designed so that sitting anywhere in the room one can easily hear and be heard, as well as see, and be seen in full size and in correct proportion. The use of acoustically treated walls, floors, and ceiling/lights combined with integrated camera and audio technology provide an unmatched meeting place across geography - without adjustments as if in a face-to-face meeting.
Studio quality lighting Everyone and every object in the room are highly visible and clearly in focus. - Lighting on both sides is the same and balanced adding to the RealPresence feeling across distance Light temperature and color are optimized for video conferencing and multi-media. Never have to adjust back lighting, worry about sitting in a shadow or straining to see people or objects. Colors are rich and life-like while bringing out the natural skin tones of people any where in the room.
Multi-purpose Use as a training room, conference room, board room, or the highest quality RealPresence conferencing environment. Broader room usage provides better return on investment. Seating not limited Not restricted to TelePresence studio use.
Immersive and symmetrical Natural communication between individuals or teams with excellent sensory surround effect in a comfortable luxury room with a strong sense of RealPresence between the near and far end parties. Faster decision making, time to market, less team travel, ease of operation.
Small to large seating capacity Flexibility is key and is based on space and application not technology limitations. Audio, video, technology and room environment are designed for person-to-person or more importantly team-to- team calls of up to 28 people and is only restricted by the space available. Thereby, increasing the usability of the space, reducing travel, and maximizing return on investment.
RealPresence A true feeling of having a presence in the same room as the far end person or team. Allowing natural and life-like awareness in a live setting without technology getting in the way. See and hear everything as you would in a face-to-face meeting. The Polycom RPX provides a unique eye-to-eye contact technique along with the left to right perspective and proportion enabled through patented technology and processes for a full rich experience. The result is a significant increase in usage, faster knowledge transfer, and improved decision making at all levels.

Polycom RPX 200 and RPX 400 Series: Video Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit Advantage
EyeConnect People and objects are full size are always in view and in the correct proportion Individuals on both sides of the communication look at each other directly not at a camera or at a smaller picture on a monitor across the room . Greatly enhanced personal one-on-one connection and rapport even when talking to one individual in a large team. More effective meetings, closer relationships, increased knowledge transfer, improved trust provided through patented processes and techniques allowing the technology to disappear . The camera placement is embedded into the screen and the technology is designed to eliminate the need to move the camera for any person in the room.
Standards-based Based on Polycom VSX 8000 industry leading codec allows communication with any H.323 video conferencing system . Allows expansion and connection to other industry trends for collaborative conferencing Full integration of audio and video in seamless operation. Not limited to proprietary protocols and can communicate to systems beyond those that are of the same model Allows the customer to profit from present and previous work Polycom has completed with strategic partners in the world of telephony based and Presence based collaboration.
Polycom VSX 8000 Codecs Best video codec on the market today. Full integration with the Polycom Vortex (Automatic Mic/Matrix Mixer with Echo and Noise Cancellation) provides simplicity of use and superior sound quality. Uniquely integrated with Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone for a powerful sensory surround experience and full conversation ability without clipping . Allows voice and video participants to share content during a video call cable free . Provides a true TV like visual experience.

Polycom RPX 200 and RPX 400 Series: Audio Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit Advantage
Polycom Vortex EF2280 Top of the line automatic Mic/Matrix mixer with echo and noise cancellation) fully integrated with the Polycom VSX 8000 and Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 provides simplicity of use and superior sound quality. Full Polycom system tested and packaged ensures full integration with one vendor to contact for assistance. Best sound quality in the market.
SoundStation VTX 1000 Revolutionary voice quality and clarity from up to 20-feet away in a tabletop conference telephone. Integrated Polycom Vortex Audio system expands the use of the room to a full conference room for voice calls or Web conferencing As the world's first high-fidelity, wideband conference phone, the SoundStation VTX 1000 covers the full range of the human speech spectrum, making every voice, word, and syllable crystal clear - you'll think you were all in the same room! It's like going from black-and-white to color TV. Enables you to speak naturally so those on the remote end of the call can hear you clearly - leading to increased productivity, faster decision making, a greater competitive advantage, and much happier conference call participants . No more shouting into the phone No more huddling around the phone No more, "I didn't hear that". Able to use in conjunction Web Conferencing for those special non-video presentations or discussion.
Integrated Ceiling Mics No wires on the desk top and superior sound pick up from any seat in the room.

Polycom RPX 200 and RPX 400 Series: Operational Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit Advantage
Lower Cost of Ownership Higher seating capacity, lowest/no facility costs, no permits, largest viewing screen, lower bandwidth requirements, highest solution overall performance in a luxury sensory surround environment, 24 x 7 remote management of the room - all competitively priced. Lower total cost of ownership at time of purchase and operationally thereafter. Up to 30% savings over the competition.
Unlimited Multipoint Crisp, clear, and immediate connection point-to-point, or multipoint to 2,3,4,5...or as many sites as you wish regardless of speed, ISDN or IP. Integrates well into any H.323 environment. Not limited to point-to-point calling or a maximum of three multipoint sites. Connection any where, any time to as many locations as you need gives you the freedom to run your business more efficiently and communicate faster.

Polycom RPX 200 and RPX 400 Series: Web and Data Collaboration Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit Advantage
People+Content IP Share content in a video conference over an IP network connection from any seat in the room. Simple easy to use software tool allows presenters in a video conference to show Content (PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheets, engineering drawings, Visio drawings, or any other laptop material) during a video conference so that all participants can see the information. Quick and easy knowledge transfer.
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