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Polycom RPX HD FAQs

What is the minimum room size requirement for an RPX HD Suite?

The Polycom RPX HD 204 model measures approximately 16' x 19' and requires an 8' ceiling clearance. There are various models with increased seating capacity beyond this example.

What are all the models that Polycom offers?

Polycom RPX
HD Model
# Video Displays Seats Facing Forward/+ Seats # Personal Content Displays Room Size (ceiling/width/depth) Metric/English
RPX HD 20424/022.6m x 4.9m x 5.8m/ 8'6” x 16' x 19'
RPX HD 210M210/472.7m x 5.8m x 6.4m/ 9' x 19' x 21'
RPX HD 210M+218/472.7m x 6.7m x 7.3m/ 9' x 22' x 24'
RPX HD 218M218/4113.0m x 7.0m x 7.9m/ 10' x 23' x 26'
RPX HD 408M48/882.6m x 5.5m x 8.2m/ 8'6” x 18' x 27'
RPX HD 428M428/8203.0m x 8.8m x 8.5m/ 10' x 29' x 28'

Can you help me understand the model numbering scheme?

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The Polycom RPX HD Suites are divided into two distinct Series: the RPX HD 200 Series and the RPX HD 400 Series. Let's take, for example Polycom RPX HD 210M+. The first number in the model name signifies the number of video displays, high definition video cameras and video codecs built into the suite. In this case, that qualifier is (2). The next two digits indicate the number of seats facing forward in the suite during a video call. In this case, that qualifier is (10). The "M" signifies a multipurpose conference table in the suite, moved away from the video wall so that when not on a video call, more people can be seated around the table for a traditional conference. The "+" indicator in this case signifies extended flooring (on the same level) behind the raised, second row of seating to accommodate even more people.

What is meant by "Cinematic View" and why is this important to telepresence?

Cinematic View in a Polycom RPX HD Suite refers to the expansive, seamless video wall of 8 to 16 feet. Participants experience an uninterrupted, large-as-life, wide view of the participants in the adjoining, virtual RPX HD Suite. The aspect ratio of the video wall in an RPX HD 200 Series Suite is 24:9 and 48:9 in an RPX HD 400 Series Suite. This is important in a telepresence solution because it truly gives the feeling of being present in the room with the far end video participants, unlike other solutions that give the appearance of having "windows into the other room" with distracting seams and segmented video displays. What is the video infrastructure on which the RPX HD Suites are based? The Polycom RPX HD Suites use the industry leading Polycom HDX 9004 video codecs for all video processing. This third generation video technology from the world's premier manufacturer of video communications products offers unprecedented video quality in high definition 720p at 30 fps.

Since the Polycom HDX 9004 is the basis for the RPX HD Suites, can I use the hand-held remote control to dial video calls?

No, with the fixed camera design and managed services, there is little reason to have a remote control in the suite. The RPX HD Suites are designed such that there is little- to-no user interaction in dialing or managing video calls. This is designed to be a "white gloves" suite with fully managed services that ensure 100% on-time calls, call integrity and Quality of Service so the participant focuses on the business, not the technology.

Can we add peripherals such as a high definition DVD player or document camera to the suite?

Yes. Although these types of peripherals are not part of the standard Polycom RPX HD configurations, the Polycom Solutions Group will work with you to understand your specific applications and provide custom additions to the final RPX HD suite.

Can I show content on the front video wall?

The 15” embedded LCD Personal Content Displays are designed specifically to show high resolution content within arms reach of every video participant. The video walls at the front of the suite are, by design, designated to show large-as-life people video and would not be used for showing content of any kind.

Can I see myself on the front video wall, much like a PIP (Picture-in-Picture)?

The video wall at the front of the suite is meant to give you the feeling that you are in the same room with the participants in the remote RPX Suite. You will be able to see all of the far end participants in true dimension as in real life. As in a true face-to-face meeting, you would not see your own image reflected back to you. In the case with the RealPresence Experience you would not see yourself on the video wall.

If I can't see myself in a PIP, how do I know that I'm on camera?

Remember that the cameras in the Polycom RPX HD suite are fixed and are calibrated to capture every seated participant in the room. The symmetry of the Polycom RPX HD Suites guides you to sit in the correct position to be seen on camera. The table legs at the end of the conference table and the ends of the elevated rows mark the boundaries of the camera lens. Sitting to the inside of these table legs will ensure that you show up in life-like dimensions to the participants on the call. Also notice the center seam through the middle of the Suite. This line marks the transition from one camera to another, so even though the table legs should prevent you from sitting in the seam, be sure to avoid leaning across the seam in a relaxed posture.

Do the Polycom RPX HD Suites have internal multipoint capability?

Because of the complexity of the dual video codecs, multiple video camera captures and video streams associated with the Polycom RPX HD Suites, there is no built-in multipoint call capability in the RPX Suites. Instead, all multipoint calls are managed by the VNOC that coordinates schedules and lays out the multiple sites using standard templates from Polycom's bridge product.

Can we modify the code on the touch control panel to suit our organizations' needs?

The basic functionality of the touch control panel user interface is designed to work well with the Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) model of managed services. Because this product is designed to alleviate complex dialing architectures and room controls, we've chosen to maintain control of the programming code. The Polycom Solutions Group is, however, open to ideas on how to improve the code and add features that would be beneficial to the user community.

If our organization has subscribed to the VNOC, but we want to make an unscheduled video call to another RPX HD Suite, how do we do that?

At the time of installation, the project manager will pre-program up to six Polycom RPX HD sites or other traditional video conferencing rooms on the Video Call page. These speed dial buttons can then be used when needed to connect point-to-point to any one of those locations without the support of the VNOC. It is also possible to call the VNOC directly by pressing the Help button on the touch control panel. A video technician will answer immediately and assist with your request.

Do RPX HD Suites talk only to other RPX HD Suites?

Because the Polycom RPX HD Suites are video standards based, video calls can be made into any other standards based video communications room, including competitive systems. This high level of interoperability ensures that an organization's video equipment investment is fully utilized and continues to provide value.

Many of our traditional video conferencing rooms use ISDN connectivity exclusively. How will this work with the RPX HD Suite?

The Polycom Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) uses Polycom bridging products that allow connectivity between traditional IP and ISDN standards based video conferencing solutions. While the price of the VNOC services includes the cost for IP video connections, ISDN connections will be charged on a separate schedule.

Can video calls be dialed from the SoundStation VTX 1000?

The SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone is provided in the center of the conference table for voice-only participants to the conference. There is a dedicated analog line for the SoundStation VTX 1000 and the audio pickup and delivery will happen directly from the conference phone. Unlike a traditional video communications room, the SoundStation VTX 1000 is not integrated with the RPX Suite for video dialing.

How do I add voice only participants to a conference in the RPX HD Suite?

There are three ways to add voice-only participants in the Polycom RPX HD Suite:

  • Schedule the voice participant with the VNOC Services.
  • Dial the voice participant directly from the keypad of the SoundStation VTX 1000.
  • Dial the voice participant from the "Voice Add" user interface of the control touch panel.

What's the purpose of the camera in back of the room?

For customers of the Polycom Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) Services, the Polycom RPX HD Suite will be installed with a small web camera mounted to the ceiling cloud in the back of the suite. This allows Video Operators to check the room on an asneeded basis for technical issues such as camera alignment, projectors on/off and projector color. There is no audio associated with this camera.

At what resolution is the video displayed in an RPX HD Suite?

  • Polycom RPX HD 200 Series Suites Support 96" x 42" high definiton video in a 24:9 aspect ratio at 1920 x 720p resolution
  • Polycom RPX HD 400 Series Suites Support 192" x 42" high defintion video in a 48:9 aspect ratio at 3840 x 720p resolution What is the required bandwidth for the Polycom RPX HD products?
  • Video network requirements to support 720p high definition (including dedicated video bandwidth and overhead):
    • Bandwidth per Polycom RPX HD 200 Series Suite: 10 Mbps
    • Bandwidth per Polycom RPX HD 400 Series Suite: 20 Mbps

For further details, please refer to the Polycom RPX VNOC Service Specification document.

If I am limited on my network and am not able to make calls at the recommended bandwidth for high definition, can I still make an RPX call?

Connectivity between the RPX HD Suites can be accomplished with less than the recommended bandwidth, but the video quality may not be as good. Remember that the higher the dedicated bandwidth, the better the sharpness and clarity of the video during the call. This is especially true of high definition and certainly true if there is any motion from the participants in the room.

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