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Polycom TPX HD 306M FAQ


What is the difference between the TPX™ HD 306M Suite and the RPX™ HD?

Polycom RealPresence™ Experience HD (RPX™ HD) Suites are all inclusive, immersive telepresence suites. All RPX HD solutions include acoustically treated walls and ceiling, studio quality lighting with ceiling microphone arrays, tiered seating for up to 28 people and a very large video wall using rear-projection high definition technology. In contrast, the Polycom® Telepresence Experience™ HD (TPX™ HD) solution offers an extraordinary telepresence solution that includes a video wall with high-definition, 60-inch plasma displays, a multipurpose table and ceiling microphone arrays. This solution offers every element needed to create the feeling of real-size people in the same room with a seating capacity of six people.

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Is the TPX HD considered to be immersive?

The immersive telepresence experience is created by the room-within-a-room design of the Polycom RPX HD suites and is not replicated in the TPX HD solution. The core definition of immersive telepresence is that all of the elements of the environment are included under a single part number. It means that the video walls are designed such that persons entering the room are seen in full-height, as if they are walking into the room. This is not the situation with the TPX HD.

So how is the TPX HD solution categorized?

The Polycom Telepresence Experience HD (TPX HD) is best described an extraordinary high definition telepresence solution designed to give participants the illusion that they are sitting virtually across the table from their counterparts in real-size, life-like dimensions. How are the RPX HD and the TPX HD similar?

How are the RPX HD and the TPX HD similar?

Feature RealPresence™ Experience Telepresence Experience
Standards Based: Interoperable with standards based, traditional video conferencing products Yes Yes
Multipurpose Table: Ability for users to be seated around the table for meetings when not being used for telepresence conferences Yes Yes
Consistent Look and Feel: Similar ID with Apple wood and black trim Yes Yes
Polycom Global Services: Including Solution Implementation, Maintenance Programs and Managed Services Yes Yes
Touch Control Panel: Audio add, direct video dial, volume controls, content control Yes Yes
Polycom Digital Sound Solution: Hidden stereo speakers, Polycom Digital Ceiling Microphone Arrays suspended from the ceiling Yes Yes
Superior Audio and Video Delivery: High Definition 720p video, StereoSurround™ Audio in 22kHz Yes Yes

How are the RPX HD and the TPX HD different?

Feature RealPresence™
Seating Capacity: (4-28) participants on video (6) participants on video
Number of Video Displays: (2 or 4) contiguous rear projection displays (3) 60" plasma displays
Recommended Bandwidth: 10-20 Mbps per suite 15 Mbps per suite
Leather Chairs: Included Optional
Personal Content Displays: Included in tabletop Optional 50" plasma on Executive Stand
Multipurpose Table: Ideally suited for multipurpose with built-in personal content displays; extra chairs are included with the suite Can be used for multipurpose with seating around the table
Touch Panel: 10" touch panel included 6" touch panel included
Environment: Ceiling clouds with lighting, walls, furniture and chairs included Includes front wall with plasma displays and conference table
Cameras: (2 or 4) mini-3CCD high-definition cameras centered and hidden behind the displays (3) full-size EagleEye high-definition cameras placed above the center plasma, behind clear Lexan

Can you help me understand the model numbering scheme?

The product numbering scheme for the Polycom Telepresence Experience follows the same logic as is used for the Polycom RealPresence Experience. The first number indicates the number of video displays and the second two digits indicate the seating capacity of people on video. The "M" indicates that the solution includes a multipurpose table. In this case, then, the TPX HD 306M, means Telepresence Experience High Definition with three video displays, seating six participants on video with a multipurpose table.

What is the recommended room size for the Polycom Telepresence Experience?

Polycom recommends a room size of 20 feet (6.1 m) x 15 feet (4.6 m), and requires a minimum room size of 18 feet (5.5 m) x 13 feet (4.0 m). The minimum ceiling height is 8 feet (2.4 m). If your room size is smaller than this, you must select another room.

What is the significance of the multipurpose table?

The multipurpose table is a basic element of all Polycom telepresence solutions and is a unique competitive differentiator. While the multipurpose conference table in the TPX HD suite seats six people during a video call, it will accommodate twelve people when not in a video call. That is, when the video displays are not active, six people can be seated around the table, with their backs to the video wall. In this way, the room is transformed into a standard conference room for twelve people. This is critical in organizations with facility limitations; especially in dense urban areas were the cost of leasing building space is significant.

What is the video infrastructure on which the TPX HD Suites are based?

The Polycom TPX HD Suites use the industry leading Polycom HDX 9004 video codecs for all video processing. This third generation video technology from the world's premier manufacturer of video communications products offers unprecedented video quality in high definition 720p at 30 fps.

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Since the Polycom HDX 9004 is the basis for the TPX HD Suites, can I use the hand-held remote control to dial video calls?

With managed services supporting the telepresence suite, there is no need to have a remote control in the suite. The managed service operator will connect all of the remote participants for the conference prior to the scheduled start. There is no need to search through an address book or dial in IP address to make your connection. The TPX HD Suites are designed such that there is little-to-no user interaction in dialing or managing video calls. This is designed to be an extensively managed telepresence suite with high-end services that ensure 100% on-time calls, call integrity and Quality of Service so the participant focuses on the business, not the technology.

The TPX HD solution uses the Polycom Eagle Eye high definition PTZ cameras. Can I use a hand-held remote to control the camera?

The TPX HD 306M is designed with intelligent camera control such that the Eagle Eye cameras will capture the appropriate number of participants based on the call configuration. For example, in a point-to-point call between two TPX HD suites, each of the three cameras will capture two people, all in true-to-life dimensions. In a point-topoint call with a traditional video conferencing system, the center camera will zoom out, capturing all six people in the room and deliver the video to the far end on a single video display. In this way, the telepresence room participants appear as they would in a traditional video conference call.

How do I add voice only participants to a conference in the TPX HD Suite?

There are two ways to add voice-only participants in the Polycom TPX HD Suite.
1. Schedule the voice participant with the Managed Services.
2. Dial the voice participant from the "Voice Add" user interface of the control touch panel.

Can we modify the code on the touch control panel to suit our organizations' needs?

The basic functionality of the touch control panel user interface is designed to work well with the Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) model of managed services. Because this product is designed to alleviate complex dialing architectures and room controls, we've chosen to maintain control of the programming code. The Polycom Solutions Group is, however, open to ideas on how to improve the code and add features that would be beneficial to the user community.

Can we add peripherals such as a high definition DVD player or document camera to the suite?

Yes. Although these types of peripherals are not part of the standard Polycom TPX HD configuration, the Polycom Solutions Group will work with you to understand your specific applications and provide custom additions to the final TPX HD suite.

Can I show content on one of the front video plasmas?

Ideally, the three 60-inch plasmas would be used for telepresence conferencing with other two, three or four camera telepresence solutions and would utilize each of the three plasmas. Additionally, when in a multipoint call, the visible plasma area becomes quite important to show all video participants from each site. Maintaining real-size people images in a point-topoint telepresence conference is typically the top of the display hierarchy. The Polycom Solutions Group is, however, open to specific customer requests for custom configurations.

If content from a laptop is not shown on one of the plasmas at the front of the room, what are the options for display content?

Polycom offers an optional 50-inch plasma display mounted on a Polycom Executive Collection Stand for displaying high definition content. This content display can be situated at one end of the room or near the front of the room, just to the side of one of the end video plasma displays. This optional configuration lends flexibility to each user's preference on how content is managed in the room.

Are there content display options other than the 50-inch plasma on the Polycom Executive Collection Stand?

The Polycom Custom Products Group has the capability to work with the end user on an individual basis to understand your specific requirements and can create a custom solution to fit your needs.

Can I see myself on the front video wall, much like a PIP (Picture-in-Picture)?

The video wall at the front of the suite is meant to give you the feeling that you are in the same room with the participants in the remote TPX HD Suite. You will be able to see all of the far end participants in true dimension as in real life. As in a true face-to-face meeting, you would not see your own image reflected back to you. In the case of the Polycom Telepresence Experience, you would not see yourself on the video wall.

If I can't see myself in a PIP, how do I know that I'm on camera?

Remember that the cameras in the Polycom TPX HD suite are configured with intelligent camera control and are calibrated to capture every seated participant in the room. The design of the multipurpose table guides you to sit in the correct position to be seen on camera. The table legs at the end of the multipurpose table mark the boundaries of the camera lens. Sitting to the inside of these table legs will ensure that you show up in life-like dimensions to the participants on the call.

Do the Polycom TPX HD Suites have internal multipoint capability?

Because of the complexity of the multi-video codecs, multiple video camera captures and video streams associated with the Polycom TPX HD Suites, there is no built-in multipoint call capability. Instead, all multipoint calls are managed by the Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) that coordinates schedules and lays out the multiple sites using standard templates from a Polycom bridge product.

Do TPX HD Suites talk only to other TPX HD Suites?

Because the Polycom TPX HD Suites are video standards based, calls can be made into any other standards based video communications room, including competitive systems. This high level of interoperability ensures that an organization's video equipment investment is fully utilized and continues to provide value.

At what resolution is the video displayed in a TPX HD Suite?

Each of the 60-inch plasma displays will support up to 720p high definition at 30 fps.

What is the required bandwidth for the Polycom TPX HD solution?

Video network requirements to support 720p high definition (including dedicated video bandwidth and overhead) are as follows: o Minimum Bandwidth for HD in Telepresence Mode (3 screens): 7.5 Mbps o Recommended Bandwidth for HD in Telepresence Mode in maximum performance (3 screens): 15 Mbps

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If I am limited on my network and am not able to make calls at the recommended bandwidth for high definition, can I still make a TPX HD video call?

Connectivity between the TPX HD Suites can be accomplished with less than the recommended bandwidth, but the video quality may not be as good. Remember that the higher the dedicated bandwidth, the better the sharpness and clarity of the video during the call. This is especially true of high definition and certainly true if there is any motion from the participants in the room. See above for minimum recommended bandwidth.

Since there is no ceiling cloud in this configuration, what are the recommendations for lighting?

The TPX HD 306M is designed to work best in a room with evenly dispersed ambient light. The average lighting should be 45 foot-candles, and the optimal color temperature is 4100K. You have a number of choices regarding lighting depending on your budget and your goals.

  • If you are planning to install the TPX HD 306M in more than one room and you want all those rooms to have the same appearance, then you will most likely want to change the lighting in the room so that all the rooms are exactly the same. Polycom can provide some guidance regarding selecting lighting for various room sizes. If your budget allows, Polycom recommends using a lighting designer and having the lighting professionally installed. In this case, you may also choose to purchase a Polycom RealPresence Experience HD Suite (RPX HD) instead.
  • If you are planning to install the TPX HD 306M in only one room or in more than one room but the rooms do not have to have the same appearance, you may want to change the lighting depending on your current lighting and whether you want to achieve optimal video in the room. If your budget allows you to replace the lighting, Polycom can provide some guidance regarding selecting lighting for various room sizes. If your budget does not allow you to make lighting changes, you may be able to use the existing lighting in your room; however, Polycom cannot guarantee optimal video performance.

What options are available for the base configuration?

There are two standard orderable options for the TPX HD 306M:
1. Black leather executive style chairs
2. 50-inch high definition content plasma on a Polycom Executive Stand Other custom options may be available and should be discussed with Polycom Custom Products Group.

Are there wood finish choices for the video wall and the multipurpose table?

Apple wood is the standard wood finish for the TPX HD base configuration. Customization of wood finishes may be available through the Polycom Custom Products Group.

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