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Polycom VSX 5000 FAQ

This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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What comes standard with the Polycom VSX 5000?

The VSX 5000 ships with the all-in-one set-top unit, a Polycom Microphone Array, a universal Polycom Remote Control and all the necessary cables needed to install the system.

What cables are included with a base system and what are the lengths?

Following is a list of the basic cables included with each system.

Polycom VSX 5000 Cable Type Length Provided
Conference Link to Microphone 30 feet
Power Cable 10 feet
S-Video and Three Prong RCA Cable 6 feet
(1) S-Video Cable 25 feet
RJ45 Cat5 Network Cable 12 feet


What options are available for the Polycom VSX 5000?

At release, there will be several options. Each is described below.

ISDN Module - This module is inserted into the back of the codec and provides connectivity for up to 4 BRI lines.

SoundStation VTX 1000 - Attaching a SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone enables dialing directly from the phone pad, as well as utilizes the SoundStation VTX 1000 as the microphone, reducing clutter on the table. Hangup, redial and muting are also available from the SoundStation VTX 1000 interface. The SoundStation VTX 1000 has a 20 foot radius and is embedded with Polycom's StereoSurround capability.

People+Content IP - A simple software key activates the People+Content IP application on the VSX 5000, allowing you to show content in a video conference over an IP network connection! Download a simple Polycom application and convert your laptop/PC into a presentation device for video conferencing. Your Content choices are unlimited - present anything that is running on your PC and all participants during a video conference can see the material.

People+Content - This option includes a Visual Concert VSX tabletop device designed to allow users to connect their laptop to the video conferencing system during a call and present highresolution graphics.

Peripheral Bundles - Cart and display solutions, including NTSC/PAL displays as well as LCD/plasma displays.

Ceiling Microphone Array - A Polycom microphone array unobtrusively mounted on conference room ceiling, providing 360° coverage. Handles rooms up to 2100 square feet.

What language translations are available with this product?

The graphical user interface, user documentation and remote control are available in the following language translations: US English, UK English, Norwegian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian and Korean will be added in this release.

What are the warranty and software upgrade terms?

The Polycom VSX 5000 has a one year hardware warranty and the standard Polycom 90 day software warranty. In addition, we bundle with all VSX 5000 series models the following services:

  • One year of software updates and upgrades—year begins at time of shipment
  • One year of telephone support
Polycom VSX 5000 with Cart Photo

Enhanced service packages are also available at time of purchase. At the end of one year, customers may renew, or upgrade their Service Package for continued service, support and upgrades. Or customers may purchase software upgrades only. To ensure timely notice of the availability of new software upgrades and updates, customers should register all systems with their local service provider.

How does Siren 14 audio sound compared to 7 kHz?

Siren 14 uses 14kHz of frequency for the audio, thus the audio is less fatiguing and words are clearer, more intelligible. This all adds up to a more natural verbal communications during a video call. A comparison audio clip is available on the Polycom web site and on our Channel Partner VSX 7000 promotional CD.

What is Polycom StereoSurround and what is the benefit to the end user?

Polycom StereoSurround is a unique technology that uses two audio channels to provide stereo sound in a video conference. Both audio channels use Siren 14 audio, so with Polycom StereoSurround the customer gets the benefit of 2 channels of Siren 14 audio. With the Polycom VSX 5000, users enable StereoSurround in the on-screen interface and by attaching speakers to the system. In a conference with StereoSurround, the stereo sound comes from either the left or right speaker, depending on where the person talking is located. If they are walking from one side of the room to the other, the audio will switch from one speaker to the other. This gives a very life-like audio quality to the conference and makes it just like being in the same room with all the conference participants!

Note that StereoSurround can only be enabled if all sites participating in the conference have Polycom StereoSurround on their systems and enabled. StereoSurround ships with all VSX series.

Can external speakers be used with the system?

Yes. Simply turn off the internal audio in the user interface, then connect the line out connections on the back of the unit to external speakers. The VSX 5000 must have speakers connected in order to activate Polycom StereoSurround.

What cable lengths can be used with the microphone array?

The basic unit ships with one microphone and a 30-foot conference link cable. An optional 50' cable is available for the first connection to the codec.

What are the benefits of an electronic Pan tilt and Zooming camera?

An electronic Pan/tilt/Zoom camera provides greater reliability than one controlled mechanically because of less moving parts.

What are the specifications of the Polycom VSX 5000 camera?

Presets 99
Tilt Range +/- 24 degrees
Pan Range +/- 42.5 degrees
Total field of view 85 degrees
Zoom Range 2x
Focal Length 2.8–4.9mm
Auto White Balance yes
Auto Focusing yes


Does the system allow users to program presets for the camera?

Yes. The system can accept up to (100) user-defined preset positions for the local site and (17) user-defined preset positions for the far end camera.

What algorithms are used on the Polycom VSX 5000 and when are they used?

The VSX 5000 (and all VSX products) can use the following video algorithms: H.263+, H.263++, Pro-Motion H.263. If both systems support all these algorithms, the VSX will chose the optimal algorithm for whatever data rate is being used. H.264 is the newest, and most optimal algorithm for data rates from 128Kbps - 768Kbps. H.261 will only be used if the system on the far side does not support H.263 or H.264.

Can the VSX 5000 remote work with other VSX products?

Yes, all VSX products, and the V500, can use the same universal Polycom remote control.

Why is there a video PIP on every screen, even several layers from the main screen?

The PIP is present on every screen for security purposes so that the user always knows when a video call is connected. Also, the PIP will allow the user to navigate the interface while not loosing contact with the far site. This feature always indicates the call is still connected.

In a single monitor configuration, what happens to the PIP when I go into the menus?

The PIP becomes the far end video and the local camera view goes away.

Can the position of the PIP view be moved?

Yes. By pressing the PIP button on the remote control several times in succession, the PIP will move counterclockwise on the screen, from one corner to the next.

What grouping mechanisms are available from the directory?

Users can choose to display the directory listing by "All", "Local", or "Global".

Is there an easy way to find a particular entry in a very large directory?

Yes. By using the "Search" mechanism, the user can enter an alpha character (or string) by which to search. The search is conducted on the first few letters of each word in the directory entry, following a cell phone model.. For example, a search for "Aus" will result in finds for "Polycom Austin", "Polycom Australia" and "Austin Conference Room." The system will then accumulate all of the findings into one window from which the user can make a selection.

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