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Sony's High Definition PCS-HG90 Brings in a New Generation of Video Conferencing

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As the quality of IP networks advances and videoconferencing technology evolves, we can communicate more effectively and efficiently regardless of location or the distance separating us. But for top-end professional applications demanding the highest image quality such as with live interview broadcasts, product design conferences, and distance learning including medical teaching, standard videoconferencing systems will have limitations.

To meet these demanding professional needs, Sony introduces an exceptional high definition (HD) videoconferencing system, the PCS-HG90. Sony is a leader in the AV industry and has produced a number of high-quality HD systems. And by inheriting this HD technology, the PCS-HG90, is sure to prove itself as a major player in the HD visual communications market. For the first time in this industry, a high definition video format of 1280 x 720 at 60P and a maximum video transfer rate of 8Mb/s over an IP network has been achieved. With its advanced H.264 HD video codec and its high-resolution and high frame rate of 1280 x 720 60P/30P, the Sony PCS-HG90 boasts realistic and lifelike images even on large-screen displays.

In addition to high-quality images, the Sony PCS-HG90 features clear and natural-sounding audio, with its wide frequency range of up to 22 kHz using MPEG-4 AAC (Advance Audio Coding). What's more, when using audio AUX inputs, the unit supports a wider frequency range of up to 44 kHz, to provide superb-quality audio from a number of different sound sources. Also, what makes the Sony PCS-HG90 unique is that it can accept analog or digital video signals, from SD to HD, as well as PC signals.

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And because the Sony PCS-HG90 accepts standard video signals via its BNC connectors and stereo audio via XLR connectors, the system is ideal for configuring with professional Audio/Video equipment. An optional PCSA-CHG90 camera unit can be used with the system to provide high quality HD video and a PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) capability. Additional features of the Sony PCS-HG90 include a four site multi-point videoconferencing capability, site-name display, and ITU-T H.235 encryption.

The professional audio and video interfaces of the PCS-HG90 deliver full compatibility with professional A/V equipment, accepting analogue or digital signals, from SD to HD including PC signals. The optional camera PCSA-CHG90 can be used with the PCS-HG90 to provide high-definition video and PTZ functionality.

An unparalleled mix of enhanced and intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) functions ensures that the quality of the connection is maintained even under fluctuating network conditions. To prevent eavesdropping on your content by a third party, the system supports 128-bit AES encryption compliant with the ITU-T H.235 standard.

The PCS-HG90 delivers unsurpassed quality of the highest standards and is the perfect match for customers who cannot or will not compromise in quality. For anyone who wants true colour reproduction, real detail, full size in real-time there is only one answer: the new Sony PCS-HG90.

For customers demanding effective communication with lifelike audio and video, the Sony PCS-HG90 videoconferencing system can provide a reality never before achieved and it is the ideal choice to meet these demands.

Sony PCS-HG90 Features

The PCS-HG90 marks the start of a new era in visual communications. It provides true high definition, 2-way communication in real-time between up to 4 sites with the built-in MCU. The PCS-HG90 supports H.264 over standard IP networks up to 8 Mbps delivering high definition video resolution 1280 x 720 at 30P and 60P in combination with superb wideband stereo sound, enabling applications far beyond conventional videoconferencing.

Hospitals can connect multiple facilities via PCS-HG90, which enables surgeons in remote locations to view operating room procedures, consult with colleagues or conduct virtual lectures and training seminars. Educational institutions can use the system's distance learning capabilities to link campuses and reach more students at the same time. Organisations that require fast review of material or client approvals, such as advertising and design agencies, can also employ the technology to transmit high-resolution data and receive feedback immediately. Manufacturing facilities can also share product mock-ups or design 'comps' among several locations for simultaneous review. The PCS-HG90 makes efficient use of the bandwidth and offers a low-delay connection between different sites. This makes the PCS-HG90 suitable for broadcasters of live coverage, interviews and remote reporting in HD video quality with high quality audio.

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Sony video conferencing projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Sony video conferencing product line.

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