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TANDBERG Clinical Presence System

A New Generation in Telemedicine

The TANDBERG Clinical Presence System is designed by medical professionals for medical professionals. Connecting clinical staff and patients for specialist consults has never been easier. TANDBERG's legendary quality, ease of use and reliability are maximized specifically for a medical environment. With flexible options, the Clinical Presence System can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

  • AC powered and rechargeable battery versions available
  • Multiple options available including
    • 802.11B/G Wireless Ethernet
    • Wide variety of storage modules designed for medical devices,laptops, PCs, keyboards, and light sources
    • Adjustable scope holders and ancillary storage pods
    • Disposable splash guard
  • Available in single or dual monitor configurations
  • 1080p capable system with PrecisionHD 12x optical zoom camera and 24" LCD monitor
  • Powered by the TANDBERG Codec C40
  • System pending CSA C22.2 No. 601.1 and UL 2601-1

Researched and developed with direct input from clinical healthcare professionals:

  • Height adjustable – full electronic worm drive provides accurate, variable height adjustment of platform, monitor and camera
  • Clinic-friendly –
    • Camera and display assembly rotate for patient viewing and easy transport
    • Dedicated high output audio amplifier/speakers for use in high noise environments
    • Four hospital grade AC outlets to power peripheral devices
  • Flexible connections –
    • Multiple audio, video and high resolution inputs and outputs to enable connection of medical devices and external displays
    • Connection for 2nd PrecisionHD controllable camera
    • Waist height for ease of access
  • Intuitive, simple to operate tactile membrane control on front panel with storage for standard TANDBERG remote control
  • Modular – multiple options for storage are interchangeable and can be added anytime
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TANDBERG Clinical Presence System Features and Benefits

Simplified "one touch" user interface with tactile membrane switches
Unique in the industry, this simplified user interface intuitively presents all of the key features an operator will need during a medical encounter, while at the same time eliminating the possibility of accidentally disconnecting the call or muting the microphone. The tactile membrane switches can be easily wiped down for cleaning, as opposed to competitive systems which have a mechanical switch. The standard TANDBERG remote control is conveniently and securely stored in a dedicated area directly below the simplified interface for accessing more advanced features.

Electrically operated worm drive height adjustment up to 10” with tactile membrane lift controls
Competitive systems use either spring loaded mechanisms or hydraulic ones (think of your experiences trying to adjust a chair at a meeting table with a mechanical lift — and how difficult it can be to get it at exactly the desired height — now imagine trying to adjust a work surface, display, and camera using the same crude technology, possibly in a high stress situation). This feature is unique in the industry. The main advantage is the ability of the operator of the system to easily and quickly adjust the CPS to the exact desired height for a patient in a hospital bed, wheelchair, or even walking across the field of view. Electronic, precise height adjustment is also an important feature during transport in a facility - the ability to easily and quickly adjust up or down really makes a difference in comfort while moving the system from room to room.

Mechanical fully articulating camera arm with PTZ camera
This is another strong differentiator. This feature enables the operator to easily position the camera on the patient without turning the entire cart around — critical for situations where the patient should not be viewing on screen video images, for example in a burn center — or if a private consultation is required. The camera can even be pointed straight down vertically for a patient exam, all the while maintaining full pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) capabilities. The independent movement of the display and the camera has received tremendous positive feedback from the customers who have previewed the CPS.

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TANDBERG Clinical Presence System shown with multiple modular storage options and disposable splash guard.

Single or optional dual display can fold back 90 degrees to allow maximum visibility when moved
Expanding on the ability to easily adjust the height of the CPS for transportation within a facility — the operator also has the ability to easily fold the single or dual display back 90 degrees for unobstructed line of site during transport. Competitive systems have fixed screens which effectively block the operators view while the system is being moved — this could be very problematic in a busy facility with people and equipment moving throughout crowded hallways, doors, and elevators.

Four handles for easy transport molded directly into upper work surface
This feature makes a tremendous difference for the medical professionals which have previewed the product. The four handles are very well designed and are located at a place which is obvious to the operator, enabling secure transport and eliminating potential damaged caused to competitive offerings when the operator tries to use the display or the camera to physically move the system.

High impact, non corrosive, washable, dirt resistant, locking 5” hospital-grade wheels
Interestingly, wheel technology has become a science unto itself. These hospital-grade wheels are larger and much more robust than competitive offerings. Two of the wheels have a directional lock that can be engaged to further enhance ease of transport.

Four Hospital Grade AC Outlets for powering peripheral devices
Unique to the CPS, the AC outlets are located at waist height behind the work surface for easy and efficient access.

High output amplifier and speakers for use in high ambient noise levels
Unlike competitive systems that use the weak and low quality amplifier and speakers which are built into a standard monitor, the CPS has dedicated high output speakers and a dedicated amplifier to deliver crystal clear 20khz audio (CD quality) in environments that have a potential for a high ambient noise level. Operators will struggle to hear the audio from competitive systems in these environments, such as a busy emergency room or crowded hallway.

Video Conferencing: Telepresence: TANDBERG Clinical Presence System photo 03.

TANDBERG Clinical Presence System shown with optional dual display.

HDMI input for digital video or second controllable PrecisionHD camera
Strong investment protection as this digital video input can be used for potential upcoming medical devices which may use digital video instead of the existing analog standard. In addition this connection can support an optional second controllable PrecisionHD camera. The HDMI port and camera control port are located on the left side panel for easy access. The CPS system has the intelligence to automatically transmit this video source as the main source if it senses a PrecisionHD camera — if it sees only video on the HDMI source it will automatically transmit this video as a second H.239 video stream along with the main.

Easily accessible Audio/VGA outputs for external display/projector and input for an additional microphone
These features enable the CPS system to also be used as a portable traditional room based system during "off hours". Examples could be using the system to teach nutritional health or other subjects to remote participants or groups in rural areas, or administrative meetings.

Optional disposable splash cover
Keeps fluids completely off system

Headphone output located on front of unit disables the high output speaker when in use
This easily and quickly enables a semi private dialog between doctor and patient (or doctor and nurse).

Input and output connections mounted conveniently at counter height to make it easy for an operator to add external connections
All critical system input and output connectors (save for the AC power cord) are easily accessible at counter height, and assist in substantially reducing nurse fatigue.

Multiple, modular storage options
The CPS is designed to easily add modular storage options at any time. For example, based on evolving needs a CPS can easily be field upgraded at any time with virtually any combination of the optional modules.

Optional wireless bridge
High quality wireless bridge is optional for true untethered operation within a facility. The bridge mounts on the rear of the unit with a simple bracket.

Multi-purpose dual display
Second display of optional dual monitor configuration can be configured as a direct PC screen for local viewing or for duo video/ITU H.239 operation

TANDBERG Platinum Reseller logo.IVCi is a TANDBERG Platinum Reseller and Certified Managed Service Provider. We are one of only a handful of companies nationwide that has been recognized with this dual distinction for our superior service and support of TANDBERG's integrated video conferencing solutions. Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support TANDBERG projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire TANDBERG product line.

IVCi is the proud recipient of TANDBERG's 2009 Authorized Service Provider of the Year Award.

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