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Polycom MCUs & Network Systems

Polycom delivers revolutionary MCUs and network systems and conferencing products enabling people to meet anytime, anywhere, from any device or any connection. From Polycom VoicePlus, Polycom VideoPlus and Polycom WebOffice to Unified Conferencing and gateway solutions or from large centralized networks to distributed networks, Polycom offers a complete range of network systems and solutions to meet any organization’s needs.

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With the introduction of the Polycom RMX 4000 platform added to the already proven Polycom RMX 2000, Polycom RMX 1500, Polycom DMA 7000, Polycom CMA 5000/4000, Polycom MGC-25, Polycom MGC+50 and Polycom MGC+100 ReadiConvene platforms, Polycom is the only choice for organizations with a distributed network, a centralized network or both. All three platforms use the same software, share a common feature set and support the same scheduling and management solutions.

The Polycom MGC Network Systems product line provides high performance, optimal quality and scaleable visual communications using multipoint conferencing bridges and gateways all under one common management suite.

Polycom RMX Platforms

Empowering high quality, life-like group collaboration over video

The Polycom RMX 4000, The Polycom RMX 2000 and RMX 1500 deliver a powerful range of collaboration tools suited to unique individual and team requirements, with open architecture and standards-based designs that provide long-term investment protection and a rational migration path to the future.

Polycom RMX 4000

Polycom RMX 4000 small photo.

The highest capacity platform in the RMX series, the Polycom RMX 4000 natively supports multiple network types to extend the power of unified collaboration within — and beyond — the enterprise. For managing wide-scale conference deployments, the Polycom Distributed Media Application™ (DMA™) 7000 pairs with the RMX 4000 and Polycom RMX 2000® to deliver unmatched redundancy, scale, flexibility, and control for conferencing.
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Polycom RMX 2000

Polycom RMX 2000 small photo.

The Polycom RMX 2000 is a real-time media conference platform that delivers industry-firsts in quality, scale, and flexibility.
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Polycom RMX 1500

Polycom RMX 1500 small photo.

The Polycom RMX 1500 is a simplified, flexible, mid-range conferencing platform which is designed with intelligence built in — including dynamic resource allocation, network flexibility and reliability, and cost-effective scalability, all tightly integrated with major UC partners.
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Improve and accelerate decision-making, reduce operating costs, and improve team efficiency across distance with the Polycom RMX Series &madsh; the industry's most advanced, scalable multiparty conferencing solutions. Designed to increase user adoption of video collaboration tools and maximize ROI, Polycom conference platforms deliver unmatched performance, flexible resource optimization, and high quality user experiences to all parts of your organization.

Polycom Management Applications

Powerful and highly scalable control of your visual communication network

Polycom DMA 7000

Polycom DMA 7000 small photo.

A powerful network-based application that manages and distributes multipoint video calls within a large organization, the Polycom DMA 7000 is a key element of the Polycom UC Intelligent Core and provides redundancy, reliability, and efficiency of video services. When combined with the RMX platform the DMA provides unsurpassed scale.
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Polycom CMA 5000/4000

Polycom CMA 5000/4000 small photo.

A management suite specifically designed to control video-enabled devices and users. The Polycom CMA 5000/4000 provides centralized endpoint management, scheduling, reporting and an intuitive, secure video soft-client that connects to any standards-based immersive suite, conference room, or video endpoint.
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Polycom MGC Platforms

Conferencing Intelligence That Empowers Any Application Over Any Network

  • Any Application - Voice/Video/Data/Web/Instant Messaging
  • Any Network/Any Protocol
  • Any Conference Type - On-Demand or Reserved
  • Any Connection - Any endpoint, any device at any speed

Polycom's three MGC conferencing bridge platforms - which includes the MGC-25, MGC+50 and MGC+100 - deliver reliable and secure multi-point audio, video, data and unified conferencing, over any network connection.

Polycom MGC+100 small photo.

Polycom MGC+100

A multipoint conference bridge that offers the utmost in scalability, reliability and redundancy. The Polycom MGC+100 is targeted towards large, growth-oriented enterprise and service provider customers.
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Polycom MGC+50 small photo.


Polycom MGC+50

A multipoint and gateway solution for distributed IP network environments, the Polycom MGC+50 is highly scaleable and delivers advanced features and functionality.
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Polycom MGC-25

Polycom MGC-25 small photo.

The Polycom MGC-25 is an economical, easy to use, plug and play, multi-network, multipoint and gateway conferencing solution.
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The Polycom MGC is the only solution on the market today that delivers complete unified conferencing flexibility - including the support of both on-demand and reserved conferencing - concurrently on a single platform.

The MGC supports any mix of endpoint devices in multiple enterprise configurations, letting the customer decide which applications and services they wish to deploy, all supported by the latest quality and performance standards.

From legacy PSTN/ISDN - to IP - to emerging, enhanced SIP-based applications, the MGC lets customers migrate to new technologies and applications on their own timelines and with their own business strategies in mind—without purchasing a new platform.

Polycom Network Systems

Types of Conferencing

The Polycom MGC delivers multiple types of conferencing applications concurrently, including both on-demand and reserved unified conferencing.

On-demand Conferencing

  • The ability for an end user to easily and spontaneously start a conference, from any endpoint at any time
  • Simple, intuitive access from any audio or video endpoint
  • Instant access from presence-based "buddy lists" on desktop collaborative applications

Reserved Conferencing

  • A controlled conferencing environment where typically IT staff schedule, initiate and manage the conference
  • May also be an unattended conference, scheduled by the end user
  • Guaranteed service availability - reserved conferencing always takes precedence over on-demand on the Polycom MGC

Polycom MGC Key Features

Polycom's Industry-Leading Transcoding

Polycom's MGC universal transcoding capabilities ensures every audio and video participant - regardless of endpoint device or network connection - dynamically connects to the conference at optimal capability, significantly reducing IT administrative support. For more information, see Polycom's White Paper on Transcoding.

Continuous Presence

Polycom takes Continuous Presence video conferencing to a new level of productivity. Custom borders and background colors, speaker highlights and site names, together with low latency, create an experience where the technology does not distract from the focus of the meeting.

Polycom Click & View

Polycom's Click & View is a unique interface that gives end users more control over their video conferences. The interface appears on the end users' video endpoint to help guide them through their conference. Using the interface as a guide, end users can change conference layouts, choose personal layouts or even ask for operator assistance, all from their remote control.

Polycom Platinum Partner logo IVCi is a Certified Polycom Platinum Reseller and Telepresence Certified Plus Partner. We are one of only a handful of resellers nationwide recognized with these distinctions for our superior service and support of Polycom's integrated, end-to-end voice, video conferencing, telepresence, Web and data communications solutions. In 2005 IVCi became a Polycom Certified Service Partner (CSP), the highest level of certification a channel partner can receive from Polycom, which requires consistent compliance with a comprehensive set of methodologies designed to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Polycom projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Polycom product line.

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