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Sony PCS-TL50

All-In-One Model for Executives and Small Meetings

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Bringing a new level of versatility and convenience to video conferencing, Sony Electronics is introducing the PCS-TL50 series, its first desktop video conferencing solution for executive personal communication and/or small meeting space usage. Providing an all-in-one conferencing package, the new system features a unique pan-tilt-zoom camera embedded in an attractive 20-inch wide LCD display that doubles as a PC monitor.

In addition to the embedded camera, the Sony PCS-TL50 includes an embedded codec, microphone and speakers to minimize desktop clutter and simplify set-up. A new user-friendly graphic interface assists in call execution, while a convenient remote control directs the camera.

"As video conferencing is becoming more mainstream in the business world, a convenient desktop solution is a logical step for us to make it easy for individuals or small groups to conduct a conference anytime and almost anywhere," said Hiroshi Okamoto, vice-president of conferencing solutions for Sony's Broadband Communications Products Division.

The Sony PCS-TL50 comes with both IP and ISDN connection capabilities. The system supports ITU-T standard H.264 to achieve television-like quality video on limited bandwidth, as well as high-quality audio through MPEG4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). The Data Solutions Box (PCS-DSB1) used with Sony group conferencing systems can also be used as a plug-in solution to share PC files over the call. An optional tabletop microphone is available, as well, to better accommodate multiple speakers, and optional multipoint capabilities that can accommodate up to six sites are also available for both IP and ISDN calls.

Like Sony's other conferencing systems, the PCS-TL50 offers such standard features as QoS (Quality of Service) technology including proprietary Adaptive Rate Control (ARC) and real-time Auto Repeat ReQuest (ARQ).

QoS technology will quickly "shrink" the bandwidth of the call to adjust for Internet congestion and implement automatic repeat of lost packets. The result is fewer interruptions and better performance while conferencing on the public Internet or on LAN/WAN networks.

Also standard is AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to protect the security of private information discussed on a conference call.

Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support Sony PCS-TL50 projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Sony video conferencing product line.

Click here for the Sony PCS-TL50/SCCP for Cisco Call Manager

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For pricing or additional information call 1-800-224-7083, or click here to have an IVCi Representative contact you.

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