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TANDBERG Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is for everyone

TANDBERG believes that if everyone knew what video could do, everyone would want it. Delivering the most comprehensive and reliable total solution of video conferencing systems in the industry — including telepresence and HD video conferencing, TANDBERG has a full portfolio of infrastructure products and MCUs, and the best video management platform available.

Whether you are starting out with two video systems or implementing video across the entire organization, TANDBERG has the right solutions to scale with your business demands. TANDBERG offers video endpoints that fit different life and workstyles. From telepresence for the senior executive to a video IP phone for a frontline employee, TANDBERG has the broadest range of solutions in the industry. As important, TANDBERG firmly believes in a standards-based approach.

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TANDBERG Advantages

  • Multipoint capabilities:
    TANDBERG's MXP products support 6 external video sites and 5 external audio sites through the embedded MCU feature called MultiSite. TANDBERG MultiSite also offers rate matching, transcoding and downspeeding to enable the best possible quality for each participant. By cascading MultiSite endpoints, TANDBERG can support up to 56 endpoints.
  • Video Conferencing Multipoint Control Units (MCU):
    Looking to join multiple video and voice participants into a single conference? TANDBERG delivers a variety of multipoint control units (MCU) to meet the needs of your organization. From the industry's best high-definition continuous presence MCU, capable of 1080p at 30 frames per second, to a highly scalable media services engine that grows with your business demands, TANDBERG has the right solution to meet your needs.
  • HD Video Conferencing:
    TANDBERG's suite of high-definition video conferencing systems provides an excellent user experience with true-to-life quality for rich interaction and team collaboration. These systems are ideal for team meeting rooms of all sizes and fully interoperable with standards-based video, phone, or PC video. Experience enhanced video with the clarity and precision of TANDBERG's PrecisionHD Camera Portfolio.
  • End to End SIP Solutions:
    TANDBERG is the industry leader in delivering SIP solutions to our customers. By providing transparent communication between SIP and H.323 devices like endpoints, infrastructure and management tools, TANDBERG is making protocol irrelevant to the end user and enabling seamless, natural communication. IT administrators now have the ability to enhance existing investments in H.323 devices while providing a clear path for migration to SIP. TANDBERG provides the best of both worlds.
  • Codecs:
    TANDBERG offers an entire line of industry-leading video for every project. Quality is a constant, with the highest level of video and audio. All codecs offer advanced APIs and industry-standard connectors for unequaled integration flexibility.
  • PC Video Conferencing
    As home and office life continue to mesh, PC video conferencing adds mobility to the benefits of business-quality video. With Movi, thousands of enterprise users can connect securely from public or remote work spaces.
  • Video VoIP Solutions for Desktop Video Solutions
    TANDBERG reinvents the desk phone by bringing personal video to the business VoIP phone. Face-to-face no longer requires side-by-side, making it possible for instant, in-depth discussions and collaboration from anywhere.

Why Choose a TANDBERG video conferencing system?

TANDBERG systems deliver unparalleled quality, reliability and ease-of-use. We provide our customers' with one hardware platform, one software platform and one remote control so that operating the systems is as easy as possible. The TANDBERG standards-based platform also ensures complete interoperability for a higher return on investment.

Top Reasons for Choosing TANBERG Video Conferencing Equipment


  • All TANDBERG systems share the same intuitive interface and features
  • when you know how to use one TANDBERG system, you know how to use them all

One Software Platform

  • Simplifies installation, upgrades and expansion for a strong return on investment

Clear, State-of-the-art Audio and Video

  • TANDBERG Natural Audio Module 11 delivers unparalleled sound quality
  • TANDBERG Wide Angle View Camera ensures all participants are seen clearly
  • Intelligent Call Management delivers optimal audio and video without manual intervention
  • Systems filter out unwanted background noise such as air conditioners and PCs
  • Images are transmitted in their native resolution

Proven TANDBERG Reliability

  • Unique Downspeeding and IPLR features protect calls from network interruptions
  • System automatically adjustments so that meetings continue uninterrupted

Robust TANDBERG Security

  • Highest level of standards-based embedded encryption
  • Automatically activated to provide secure conference calls
  • no need to purchase additional hardware


  • Compatibility with systems from multiple vendors
  • seamless integration with network features

Award-winning design

  • Form and function are united in every system

TANDBERG delivers a high-performance product line for all your video communication needs. Each product is designed for simplicity, quality and value. The TANDBERG Solution consists of systems and software that can be purchased individually, and can work seamlessly together for a total video solution:

TANDBERG Platinum Reseller logo.IVCi is a TANDBERG Platinum Reseller and Certified Managed Service Provider. We are one of only a handful of companies nationwide that has been recognized with this dual distinction for our superior service and support of TANDBERG's integrated video conferencing solutions. Our factory-trained sales and technical staff install and support TANDBERG projects across the country and around the world. As with the other video conferencing products we represent, IVCi provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire TANDBERG product line.

IVCi is the proud recipient of TANDBERG's 2009 Authorized Service Provider of the Year Award.

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