By now, most businesses understand that equipping your workplace with cutting-edge AV technology is the best way to streamline and futureproof processes. But with a lot of moving parts — knowing what technologies to invest in, when to upgrade, how to manage maintenance and repairs — doing so can be a challenge for a lot of organizations.

With those challenges in mind, we’re rolling out Evolve, our user-inspired AV as a service program. With one single subscription, you can have everything you need for modern productivity.

You’ll never have to worry about your systems becoming obsolete, or unpredictable business changes drastically altering your technology needs. From strategy and design to deployment and service, you’ll be backed by a team of experts who can help bring the power of collaborative environments to your business.

Benefits of Audio Video as a Service

Audio video as a service (AVaaS) subscriptions has a substantial advantage over traditional AV implementation and maintenance processes. AVaaS allows businesses to:

  • Know what new technologies to invest in and upgrade at any time.
  • Re-set term options at any point to protect against changes to your business.
  • Get an in-room QR code that connects to a MVE team for on-demand support and learning.
  • Plan and achieve goals set for the future.
  • Have break-fix services for the entire lifecycle.

Regardless of industry, company size, or business goals, all organizations can benefit from more advanced technology and more collaborative workspaces. These benefits that are only available on a subscription basis will allow your teams to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Key Features of Evolve

Evolve has some key features that you just won’t find anywhere else:

  • The IVCi Portal which gives users full visibility into projects and quotes, with a helpdesk and all relevant documentation.
  • In-room QR Code Support for the most comprehensive adoption and utilization program.
  • Full, in-person QBRs so you can trace the impact of AV environment on your business goals.
  • Hardware and software that’s monitored by an in-house team ready to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.

Sound too good to be true? That just might be because your current AV environment isn’t measuring up. But with modern productivity evolving rapidly, it’s time to embrace the future by looking at AV in an entirely new way.

With Evolve AVaaS, you’ll be able to get there first, go with confidence, become the experts, and achieve your goals. In other words, you’ll be charging ahead and setting the pace in your industry, allowing you to achieve things you never could before.

Ready to Embrace the Future of AV?

The future of AV is here, and it’s yours for the taking. Interested in learning more or getting started in future-proofing your AV capabilities? Contact us and start speaking with an Evolve expert today!

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